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The Freedom Convoy: Latest Updates From The u.s./canada Border

The people of kkkanada have been organizing to fight for their dictatorship over their bodies for the past several weeks through blocking the border but at the same time worsening the supply chain. They were blocking the Ambassador Bridge in Michigan before kkkanadian pigs broke up the blockade. The crossing is one of the busiest international land border crossings and a vital supply route for Detroit’s carmakers. This has resulted in carmakers like Honda, General Motors, Chrysler, Ford and Toyota to lose an estimated $155 million lost in revenue.

The protesters have also blocked two other border crossings in Alberta and Manitoba provinces. The united snakes and kkkanada are now working to find other supply routes—including flying in cargo.

The Freedom Convoy was originally formed in Ottawa where thousands of truckers and Canadians protested the mandates. Prime Minister of Canada, Trudeau, fled the city running scared from the protesters then tested positive for COVID shortly afterward.

Ottawa even declared a state of emergency over the protesters with the mayor calling the situation “the most serious emergency our city has ever faced.”

Truckers, people from around the country and even from the u.$. are protesting the vaccine mandate that was put in place on Jan. 15, 2022, by the canadian government especially for the truckers that need proof of vaccination in order to re-enter the country. This includes US truckers who need to pass through Canada to get to Alaska.

So a whole other government is dictating what happens to the citizens of the u.$. and, of course, the u.$. is okay with it because they’re one and the same.

The Canadian truckers are 'MAD' - CNW News - Breaking News ...

The Freedom Convoy following (both in truckers and online) has grown tremendously with the truckers already having a WikiPage and estimates of participants ranging from 8,000-15,000. Their GoFundMe page raised millions before the pillaging platform attempted to rob the cause and redisburse the funds to other “charities of their choosing”.

This has now launched an investigation into GoFundMe by Missouri and Texas and rightfully so. Instead of GoFundMe, the organizers are now using GiveSendGo, the same fundraising platform the organizers for the Jan. 6 uprising used.

The Freedom Convoy has inspired similar protests internationally in New Zealand, Australia and France though the Canadian govt has called the Convoy a “small, fringe minority”. Sounds familiar?

The Black Hammer Party stands with the Freedom Convoy, all movements against these mandates and these tyrannical governments.

Though sleepy joe and the rest of the demonic democrat party attempted to pass a mandate in the u.$., they saw the potentiality of uprisings as too great of a risk.

Black Hammer marching and protesting against the CDC

It’s demonstrations like the Freedom Convoy and the March on the CDC that make these politicians think twice and that is why we must continue to fight and show where power truly lies: within the masses of the people.

Ontario will be ending vaccine passport requirements as they feel the heat and pressure from movements like the ones just mentioned.

Join the fight not just for control over our lives; as Colonized people our land, labor and resources are waiting for us to take it back. Your freedom and god-given rights await.

Land Back!

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