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Boil: A Play for Dreams Deferred

By Chief Oju

Here is a play that shows how futile liberal politics is and that we have to take our power by force! Based on the petit-bou aspirational work by Lorraine Hansberry, “A Raisin in the Sun,” we see what happens when Chicago is collapsing in revolution rather than becoming a neocolonial sellout paradise.

The main themes of this play came from the Algerian Revolution and the chapter “The Algerian Family” in A Dying Colonialism. In this chapter, Fanon describes the ways in which members of the Algerian family had to shed or “melt in the sun” the roles that they historically played for the sake of the revolution. Family members had to be comfortable with members leaving at any given moment when called to fight. Attachments to relational traditions involving parents and children were to disappear. Secrets would need to be kept regardless how close a couple may be. The Algerian family—which extends beyond blood since it is the people dispersed—had to communicate with each other in new ways to ensure the revolution’s success. The Taylor family in this play had to see each other in a new light and understood they might have to leave each other at a moment’s notice, and regardless of the necessity of such actions, it does not come without some kind of pain, but it comes with the certainty of victory.

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