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But What Is Climate Change ACTUALLY Doing? Find Out Here

By Chief Watacame

For years scientists have tried to explain to us the impacts of global pollution. We’ve seen the effects of fracking, oil spills, and the biggest polluter in the world; the u.$. military. 

Mass pollution manifests in holes in the ozone layer and mass deforestation—for example, the Amazon Rainforests which for most of our lives has been called the lungs of the world, is now emitting more carbon dioxide than it cleans. 

The ocean, which absorbs 90% of greenhouse gasses, is heating up to the point where we will start to see the devastating effects as soon as the next five years. 

Melting ice caps is not a new concept for us; we’ve seen prehistoric viruses and bacteria resurface as they’ve been released from the melting glaciers. These and so many more side effects of a neglectful approach to the climate are no coincidence, no accident. It’s premeditated murder.

Our ancestors have always understood that our existence was not only dependent on the earth thriving but that one of our greatest purposes for existing is to look out for Mother Earth.

All over the globe, they saw every tree, plant, animal, and even land as living. We lived in harmony with her. We tended to the land and in return, she gave us food, shelter, and endless beauty.

Revolution will restore the balance between us and Mother Earth. Revolution will heal her. 

In the last few years, we’ve seen extremes in weather, in 2021, we had record-breaking wildfires, tornadoes, winter storms, earthquakes, low air quality, and so much more. All of these things were predicted, preventable, and for all of these things, we could have been prepared.

It was a conscious choice by the colonial system and neocolonial sellouts to not prepare us; not to prevent, stop, or slow it down. That choice comes from the colonial system which has always chosen profit over people.

The ridiculous thing is that no matter how many of OUR resources they steal, they cannot dig themselves out of this hole. They can only ensure destruction and they happily make that choice when the burden falls on us, poor and working class Colonized people. 

Through their neglect of the earth and our people, they have created their own destruction; the birth of revolutionaries who are stepping up to the calling of protecting the land, animals and people—in whatever capacity needed and by any means necessary.

Black Hammer Party members will stop at nothing to reclaim our lives, land, labor resources, putting all that was stolen back into the dictatorship of poor and working class Colonized people of the world. 

We just celebrated our 3rd Birthday and set up goals for the year that’s to come! Our Birthday Bash was also a chance to review and go over some of the work that our chapters have put in in the past year but with so much work being done, we couldn’t share every accomplishment as much as we wanted to.

With the help of the Colonized masses and an indomitable strength created by revolutionary discipline, the horrors of climate change and any other problems we currently faced can be overcome.

Land Back!

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