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Whoopi Goldberg Is Anti-Semitic? A Closer Look

When a sellout forgets their place in the system of white power, there are consequences to falling out of line and not listening to master. 

It happened already with Nick Cannon in an interview where he was spittin facts, basically stating that white jews are an ethnic group of the europeans and have joined the ranks of the colonizer class. We know this because the state of isn’treal (israel) is committing genocide against Palestinians as you read this article. 

Now Whoopi Goldberg is being put on blast for stating the same truth; that jews ARE white. In fact, she almost put it bluntly when she said “this is white people doing it to white people.” 

This same stance, that the holocaust was just white on white crime, is historically and dialectically correct. Just straight up facts. 

Black Hammer has had its fair share of backlash from the same liberal sector that went after Cannon, Goldberg and anyone that goes against the false narrative that jews are not white, for stating that jews are indeed white.

But the true working class, the Colonized working class, knows wassup when it comes to fax. 

And revolutionaries? We’ve known this for some time now. Take a look at Malcolm X. 

Shiiit, even the white folks know that these jews hold power within the system of colonialism, calling out billionaires like George Soros and the Rothschild family while liberal media outlets will label them as “conspiracy theorists” and “anti-semitic” just like anyone else that calls out the simple truth. 

Nicholas Stix, Uncensored: George Soros' Rent-a-Riots Financially Destroyed Every Homeowner in ...
Any billionaire is by default evil. Jewish, white or Colonized, it’s all stolen wealth under colonialism.

But coming back to the topic at hand, what’s next for Goldberg? Will she cave to the pressure from master and the liberals like Cannon did?

It don’t really matter unless she commits class suicide, stops lying to herself about her “hurtful remarks” and sides with the rest of the poor working class Colonized masses. 

For now, Black Hammer will keep coming at you with the hard-hitting truth and you can too if you’re tired of fake news. Don’t cave into the pressure and speak your truth by joining the revolution. Claim your voice and speak for the poor working class Colonized masses of the world who make up the majority today! 

Trust and believe the poor Colonized working class don’t give a damn about anti-semitism when they’re still slaves on plantations for companies like Nestle or homeless in the belly of the beast here in amerikkka. 

Land Back!

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