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War In Europe? Ukraine & Kazakhstan Targeted By u.s.

With inflation and economic downturn creeping over the shoulder of the united snakes, the solution proposed by colonizer-in-chief dementia joe is to push for war with Russia. 

The same methods of control that were used to fund extremist military death squads in Nicaragua and countless other Colonized nations are being used to escalate tensions between Ukraine—previously a part of the Soviet Union and infiltrated by the german colonizers to invade the Soviet Union—and Russia. 

Liberal media outlets and colonizer nations alike are painting Russia as the aggressor and the only player in the game that is violent when it’s so obvious the u.$. be instigating, fanning the flames of war. 

The CIA is training these extremists to be amerikkkan puppets by pushing them to go to war with Russia, training to kill Russian soldiers who are being placed on the border (in its OWN territory). This is seen by NATO—which is pushing to have Ukraine join NATO and other colonizer nations.

“The united states is training an insurgency…to kill Russians”

Former CIA agent

All of this comes as reports of Kazakhstan civilians revolting against their government; now the question is whether or not this is a color revolution or a real uprising. 

The reason behind the protests sounds reasonable and righteous even—prices for fuel are skyrocketing—but don’t be fooled. It’s not just a coincidence that Kazakhstan, like Ukraine, also borders Russia and China!

Reports of over 120 cars and building being burned and even beheadings

Kazakhstan is being targeted for its key role in China’s Belt and Road Initiative; the huge trade plan which was announced for the first time in Kazakhstan in the first place. The plan would connect Colonized nations more than ever and not to mention offset the trade monopoly the u.$. has with europe.

These desperate attempts at stirring war are tell-tale signs of amerikkka’s farewell tour. She goin down and trynna drag others with her. But what can you do if you’re continents, countries or a sea away from these places? ORGANIZE BIH! 

The need for organizing to take down a dying empire is NOW. Whether you’re a leftist or support Trump, we have to unite regardless of our differences to take down the pedo-loving, war-hungry monsters in power. 

Pedo joe exposing himself

Join a movement that is getting to the root of all these problems and not some snowflake anarkkkists that give out stale peanut butter sandwiches to the homeless and call it a day. 

Help feed the homeless while also giving them employment opportunities and changing their lives! With their help, the world will be a better place and one step closer to a world where no one lives at the expense of another.

Atlanta Chapter’s Revolutionary Church where hundreds of homeless people are fed, clothed and given a good revolutionary word!

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