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Black Hammer Presents: Our Comrade of the Year

The Black Hammer Organization had a 2021 with plenty of curve balls but regardless showed its ability to adapt to the situation. Whether it was infiltration from the feds or attacks from the liberals, we stay winnin while haters stay hatin. 

Comrades come and go in revolution and those that endure, that forge themselves through the fire as a Hammer, have their hearts and minds in the right place; with the poorest of the Colonized that suffer most. 

Our Party and the Struggle must be led by the best sons and daughters of our people

Amilcar Cabral

That’s why the Black Hammer Organization is awarding the title Comrade of The Year to our one and only Minister of Defense, Minister Xolotl! 

As Minister of Defense, the task at hand is no easy one but even so, our comrade has truly proved to be for and of the people through his actions and work ethic; with the job of protecting the lives of the comrades that selflessly put in work for the people and the people themselves.

“For me, I started in the organization just wanting to help people. I knew the system was fucked up and it didn’t serve our people. I couldn’t sit on the sidelines anymore and had to do something to make a better world. I’ve never seen myself as a grand savior or the solution to the world’s problems. Just someone that wants to help get our people free. I’ve gotten here by having this same mindset. Being Comrade of the Year definitely surprised me. There is nothing special about me. I see the end goal of a world where no one lives at the expense of another. If I can help us get to that, then I’m more than happy to be a part of it.”

Minsiter of Defense Xolotl

Thanks to our MOD, we were able to have two safe and successful trips to New Orleans after Hurricane Ida hit. Badly needed resources were secured and delivered to the people of New Orleans with little to no problems if any.

Yet another act of bravery on the part of our Minister is having been arrested by the liberal pigs of Atlanta along with other Hammers for feeding, clothing and sheltering the homeless. 

Throughout it all, MOD Xolotl was still defending our Commander in Chief from any threats that were to come their way. 

“Minister Xolotl is one of the smartest, kindest and disciplined people I have ever met. He is as constant as the sun.  He is as necessary as water. He is as abundant as the earth. It is nothing short of a miracle for a Colonized person to live in this most corrupt world and still come out as clean and pure as Minister Xolotl. We Colonized masses are truly forever blessed to have him as our Champion.”

Commander in Chief Gazi Kodzo

Here’s to another year of working selflessly for the people, Colonized brilliance and shining Colonized leadership. A huge revolutionary salute to our very own Minister Xolotl for their continued dedication in defending the Colonized working class.

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