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Why Colonized Leadership Will Forge A New World

By Chief Llabe

Right off the bat, you know we been the blueprint that created the natural world that we see now! Humanity started in Africa and moved to Asia, spreading to every part of this world through mastery over the seas. Natural wonders like the Amazon were created and cultivated by humans for the shared prosperity of world life! 

In the Brazilian Amazon, Indigenous People Deal with a Violent New World -  Upside Down World
An Indigenous man stands in a clearing where trees have been cut down by suspected land grabbers on the Karipuna Indigenous territory in 2017. Photo: Tommaso Protti

Second, all of the culture europeans have is based on the theory of morality and philosophy, and creativity of black and brown people; whether of Asia, Africa, Turtle Island, or any of the thousands of islands on Mother Earth! 

What about the fact that after colonialism, continents like Turtle Island and Pachamama (north and south amerikkka, respectively) built factories, democracy, and pop culture? Well, let’s find the answers with what’s going on right now. Who rules the world?  It is the u.$. & colonizer-led Nations…the e.u., nato, u.n. and the list goes on.

The head colonizer being the united snakes, with leaders like Biden, Kamala, and Fauci…are servants to the rich and powerful colonizer class, with a few temporarily embarrassed millionaires in the welfare line.

Anti-fascist counter-protesters wait outside Emancipation Park to hurl insluts as white nationalists, neo-Nazis and members of the “alt-right” are forced out after the “Unite the Right” rally was declared an unlawful gathering August 12, 2017 in Charlottesville, Virginia.Chip Somodevilla—Getty Images

Liberal elites prove their dominance over this world through their constant destruction of the earth with pollution and mass extinctions of animals, as well as their destruction and eradication, and replacement of great native cultures! They stole our philosophy and morality by selling them our culture at the expense of our people, only to add very chaotic and destructive elements like selfishness, white power, and social darwinism!

The Disastrous Time Tens of Thousands of Children Tried to Start a Crusade  - HISTORY
The Crusades which saw the use of Christianity for war

So let’s see what our poor and working-class black and brown people are doing right now. We are building the most eco-friendly systems for the Modern Age AKA  High speed railroads in China! We are pioneering new ways of growing food which don’t include as much carbon weather vegan food or eco-friendly animal agriculture like raising goats chickens even lamb!

Our poorest colonized people grasp a thoughtful and loving way of building for one another! You can see it with our Revolutionary Church! The theory we use is based materially around us to build better systems of food, clothing, and shelter, rather than creating a welfare system that takes away people’s agency. 

We depend on constant hard work and shut down any laziness when it comes to building for our people and events like the Revolutionary Church. We know nothing is free of charge under the colony, it all takes elbow grease or some knees when we are on the streets doing Robinhoodlum.

We teach people to be their own sugar daddy! Earning a 50/50 deal when they are out with us! You get $200 dollars on the street, you leave with $100, period!  We meet our needs by the whole working together and refuse to let the uppity selfish sellouts and colonizers rule our world. We say work smarter not harder, Period!

Whether that’s cleaning up our communities with eco-friendly trash picker-uppers and bags, giving away KN95’s, the best mask to protect from coronavirus, the flu, the cold, and pollution, or hosting The Revolutionary Church to serve our people so they don’t struggle alone!

How do we get our poor and working-class black and brown people of the world in power?

We’ve seen throughout history that there has been a movement ever since European colonialism to build a new system and the system has shown itself to be led by the Colonized poor and working-class uniting as a whole!

The most successful leadership has been the all-for-one and one for all style of central leadership acting upon democratic discussion, or democratic centralism.

Mateja Marinko Portraits on Instagram: “Amilcar Cabral - graphite pencil  drawing of African leader. #amilcarcabra… | Pencil drawings, Portrait,  Commissioned artwork
Amilcar Cabral; a revolutionary who followed Democratic Centralism in order to successfully fight against portuguese colonizers

The people make a choice on how to build, maintain, and problem solve in a democratic way. Once a way forward is met the choice is stuck through and then followed through by the central leaders. After discussion from the people see where we can improve, what we did wrong and how to continue what we achieved!

Parties around the globe hail CPC meeting | Nation | China Daily

But how do we determine what leadership did is good or correct? What we need is to look over with detail the good from the bad, seeing how much was good and how much was bad. The people must know how the plan fits into actually existing reality. Looking over the ones and zeros of the good and the bad parts of the plan. We got to look over the good and the bad and think carefully if these parts of the plan came about step by step from a process or came about by a single, wild event! 

Dialectic Argument : Access options

Once we have figured out how the plan went well and how/if it went wrong clearly, how do we make sure that leaders continue the good and battle the bad? Voice your opinion to the collective to make sure the leaders know exactly what went well and what went wrong and provide suggestions to better plan for the future. No idea is too small or large to solve a problem or push the achievements. It helps leaders understand what is both a good and smart decision and not an attack on a person’s character. This is known as Criticism-Self-Criticism.

With these historical facts and methods in mind we have seen the fastest, highest quality, and most motivated revolutionary leaders and people ever known! Revolutionary poor and working class Black and Brown people have built and will stay building the best lifestyles, science, and world humanity has ever known! If you want to live in a world that runs like this…Black Hammer is building this exactly!! Join and paint the town red!

No more liberal organizations attacking symptoms of the system while never getting to the root. Let’s get free together and exercise these revolutionary principles so that no one lives at the expense of another.

Land Back!




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