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Chicago Hammers Protectin’ The People & How You Can Too

On Saturday December 4, 2021 our Chicago Chapter was in Lawndale for our weekly community clean up. While we were cleaning up the sidewalk near the plaza we frequent, 4 people started arguing further down from where we were. After some arguing between the 4, a physical fight broke out.

It initially looked like 3 people were beating on a single colonized person so I had the comrades stop to see what the issue was and help sort the situation out without violence. As the lead defender on that outreach, I had Comrade G stay right behind me with Minister Wren and Chief Oju behind G. 

As we approached, we saw that it was not a 3 on 1 fight but 2 on 2 fight. The 2 women were fighting while their boyfriends were in between fighting and trying to pull the women apart. I placed myself between the men and the women to allow me to try to de-escalate the situation. While talking to the women and getting them to answer me, I was able to get them to let go of each other so I was able to place myself in between them while they were still trying to hurt each other.

At some point when they were on the ground, we heard the pig sirens getting closer, I made sure they knew that we didn’t want the police involved, I told them we could figure out the situation without pigs and without harming each other.

After some more struggle and me politicizing that they didn’t have to hurt each other, the fight ended. One of the couples started to walk away and I made sure to stay with the other to ensure some distance between them so they wouldn’t just start fighting again.

I offered to help the woman I stayed with, with her wounds, to disinfect and bandage them up but at that moment, all she could do was cry so I let her. We heard her out, offered her reassurance and gave her first aid materials all while talking about how horizontal violence does not come from us, it comes from what we’ve been taught. 

Black Hammer is here to serve the masses of poor and working class colonized people. That is why we were out there in the cold picking up trash, trash causes so many health issues and it does affect the way people see their own community.

By cleaning it up, not only is a health service but we instill the fact that people can do it too. Every time we’re out there we have people wanting to join us in cleaning, and people who thank us for caring for the community. 

Black Hammer is also the defense of the people. As much as we see the masses as our defense, we must be theirs, our relationship with the masses is equal and symbiotic. We must fight the colony in all forms, including horizontal violence. We understand that horizontal violence is not of us, it is of the colony; they want us to hurt each other, they want us to take each other out so they don’t always have to.

We understand that if we had full access and dictatorship to our lives, land, labor, and resources, hurting each other is not what we would choose. At heart, we all just want what’s ours, to be understood, heard, and loved. The colony, through all kinds of violence, physical, drug, mental, economic, etc., has hindered our ability to teach and learn how to express ourselves in a healthy way.

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Black Hammer is here to change that too.

By politicizing to all the people who were watching the fight, we made sure they understood that as a community, we must step in for each other to ensure our safety. 

Black Hammer will never stop defending our people from any and all things thrown at us by the colony. We believe in the goodness of our people and we will fight to defend and restore it to its fullest capacity. 

Join the fight and become a defender in your own community to put an end to the horizontal violence that plagues Colonized poor working class neighborhoods.


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