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Rogel Aguilera Mederos & Valentina Orellana-Peralta: Attacks On The Colonized

Two stories from the Indigenous (“Mexican/Latino”) community are being circulated heavily within the u.$.

The first is the case of Rogel Aguilera Mederos, a semi-truck driver that lost control of his truck after the brakes failed proves to the Colonized working class plain and clear the amerikkkan injustice system.

Initially given a 110-year-sentence for an accidental crash which crashed into 12 cars while killing 4 and injuring a few others in Denver, Colorado, a petition signed by millions and publicity around the case reduced the sentence to 10 years.

Around the same time, killer pig kim porter was tried and found guilty by the injustice system but will only be sentenced to a max of 15 years in prison. So somehow an accidental crash grants 110 years and purposeful reckless actions only 15?

The moment kim porter realized she should’ve actually reached for her actual tazer instead of that gun

But of course, that colonizer ancestry gonna serve her well and grant her an early release for “good behavior” as opposed to the minimum 5 years for parole in Rogel’s sentencing. This case and sentencing was completely performative and tactical.

Not even a month later in California, an outrage swept the Los Angeles area after witnessing the murder of a 14-year-old girl at the hands of an LAPD pig. The pig, armed with an assault rifle, shot the wanted suspect who was armed with a bike lock. He survived the attack.

The victim’s name was Valentina Orellana-Peralta; she was visiting with her mother from Peru and shopping at the Burlington for a Quinceañera dress. She died in the hands of her mother.

The Colonized masses enraged by these killer pigs

Liberal media tried to defend the pig in question after the incident as well.

What do all these cases have to show us about the amerikkkan injustice system?

Time and time again we beg the white power system—built using stolen land, labor and resources from Colonized people—to do the exact opposite of what it’s supposed to do.

Whether it was the mentally unstable offender in Burlington committing horizontal violence against fellow Colonized people, the tragic death of Valentina or Rogel’s near lifelong sentence, there will never be justice since colonialism wants one or more of these results; imprisonment, enslavement or death.

How Inmates Will Protect California This Summer | HuffPost
California Prisoners being used as slaves to put out wildfires

For this reason and more, Black Hammer has been preaching and putting into practice our 4 Principles of Unity which guide us in building a world where no one lives at the expense of another. But that takes hella work and our California Chapter is on that grind to serve and educate our people.

And so are the rest of our chapters across the united snakes and internationally.

We teach our people that the pigs in your hood, ain’t no good and why Colonized communities face high amounts of horizontal violence; our 3rd Principle of Unity states that all of our problems come directly from colonialism and neocolonialism.

More than that, we are organizing and teaching our communities to defend themselves and stop the horizontal violence. It’s touch one, touch all for us here at Black Hammer.

So enough waiting around for justice to be served by a system founded on the genocide of Indigenous and Colonized people in general. There will be no accountability or justice for Valentina or Rogel until we take it back by any means necessary.

Land Back!

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You can also submit your work to us, and as long as it unites with our 4 Principles of Unity, you will see your writing published on all of our platforms.

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