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Another Year of Deadly Weather and Where are the Demoncrats?

By Chief Watacame

2021 is the deadliest year when it comes to weather event-related deaths since 2017 when Hurricane Maria hit Boriken (Puerto Rico) killed over 5,000 people.  This year, the snakkkes have allowed for 538 people to die from events like Hurricane Ida, the massive heat events over the summer, and the snow storms in the south early in the year. While we understand the power of nature, we also have to recognize the role that neglect from the colonial state plays in all deaths from natural events. If you had any doubt about what the state prioritizes, NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) characterizes the overall severity of natural events not by how deadly they are but by how much they cost. “Billion-dollar disaster” is what they call a natural or climate event that causes at least 1 billion dollars in damage. So far in 2021, we have seen 18 billion-dollar disasters making this the 7th year in a row where the country sees at least 10 billion-dollar disasters.

Sleepy Joe continues his work of destroying the planet and hard-working people who lose everything in these storm at a colonial climate conference.

According to Adam Smith, a climatologist with NOAA’s National Centers for Environmental Information, “The 538 people who have died from the disasters during the first nine months of 2021 is more than twice the number of deaths from all billion-dollar disasters that occurred in 2020”. If we take out the tragedies from Hurricane Maria, the deadliest weather year for the snakkes was 2011, when the state allowed for 764 people to die.

The complete destruction of parts of Kentucky due to the tornado outbreak. It was the deadliest December tornado in united snakkkes’ history.

The numbers for 2021 are now even higher due to the tornado outbreak that ripped through parts of the South and Midwest regions of the united snakkkes. As of December 27, at least 90 have been confirmed dead with 76 of them in Kentucky alone where a candle factory was demolished with workers trapped or dead inside.

When the white power state leaves entire communities (mostly colonized) to fend for themselves against natural events, it cannot be seen as anything less than intentional and genocidal. Not only is there hardly any preparation given to the masses on how to prepare themselves or their homes for various natural events, the response (if any) is full of bureaucratic speed bumps from these demoncrat machines that still leave people having to rebuild for themselves. We saw this clearly when we went to New Orleans the first and second time. Our Atlanta Hammers made their way to Southern Louisiana within 24 hours of Hurricane Ida hitting. What they saw was a community devastated by nature once again due to the failure of the colony to set them up with safety measures, resources, and the ability to be self-determining. When we went back, two months later, we didn’t see much change. Most of the houses had blue tarped roofs, and entire streets were empty. This is unfortunately a sight that we will continue to see as colonialism continues to fall.

The Kona low caused massive flooding on the islands of Hawai’i which were already struggling with keeping clean drinking water.

The islands of Hawai’i saw catastrophic flooding as heavy rains plummeted the islands on December 5th due to a Kona low (a type of seasonal cyclone). Flash flood warnings continued for Kaunakakai, Ulapu’e, Mauna Loa, and extended for Maui. Parts of the island also saw power outages, including the Kahului Airport. The state of Hawai’i declared a state of emergency as they continued to see more rain, landslides, power outages, and high winds. 

Nature is beautiful and we can live harmoniously in a way that results in less deaths and damage but with white power stealing our resources and our ancestral knowledge, it makes living with nature much more difficult. We must take our land, lives, labor and resources back to help the Earth heal and share the knowledge we have to protect ourselves from these Natural Events. That is what everyone deserves including our children that will continue to fight for their freedom until we all do. To fight for a time when we can all live equally and not at the expense of another.

While the demoncrats wanna take a seat and look back at all the destruction, Hammers are working on serving our people to get us out of this climate disaster!

If you need information on natural event preparedness or have information you would like to share to help save lives, email [email protected].

Stay safe and LAND BACK!

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