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Tornadoes Devastate South/Midwest u.s.: Details You Need To Know

By Minister Wren

Several states have declared a State of Emergency after four different tornadoes and extremely strong winds caused dozens and dozens of deaths as well as factory buildings to collapse on workers.

Black Hammer sent out an email to alert everyone of the possible threat of tornadoes across the united snakkkes that included tips and warning signs. From Illinois to Kentucky, we’ve seen the devastation of the tornadoes and how the colony didn’t prioritize our lives with at least 88 people dead across 5 states.

The current death toll in Kentucky alone is at least 75 but this is expected to rise, possibly over 100, as over a hundred are still missing. Two factories were hit while workers were slaving away for the colony during the holiday season. Talk about a merry christmas.

One was an Amazon warehouse in Illinois where many of the workers were African; there were 6 people killed. Several employees at the warehouse said they weren’t able to contact anyone while trapped under the rubble of the collapsed warehouse due to plantation (workplace/company) policies.

Amazon warehouse before and after

Does this come as a surprise? No.

Amazon and other companies continue to put profit over people’s lives. It’s been shown through the pandemic with the lack of correct information and the number of deaths across amerikkka; this is no different. 

Amazon bans "anti-vaccine" films, but gladly sells books on the religious worship of Satanism ...

The other faulty factory was a candle factory in Mayfield, KY where 110 people were working the night shift for the holidays and 8 people have been found dead. The factory is now under state investigation to see if they were following OSHA and safety programs.

PHOTO: An aerial view of the damage to the candle factory after a devastating outbreak of tornadoes ripped through several states, in Mayfield, Ky., Dec. 11, 2021.
Candle factory devastation

The colony continues to wait till bodies are at their door to ensure basic human safety. If the state actually cared about human lives, people wouldn’t die from collapsed buildings and injuries.

Nocturnal Tornadoes or tornadoes that happen at night tend to be more deadly because people are not alert while they’re sleeping or are not finding shelter as quickly when they’ve just woken up. Though this might have made situations worse, this is not the only reason for these deaths.

How many tornadoes happened last night - The Start Mag
Image of a nocturnal tornado

Kentucky has the highest amount of deaths accounting for about 80% of the deaths so far even they had the longest time to prepare. Multiple people recount how throughout Friday in Mayfield KY, they were receiving alerts about the coming tornadoes. Yet people were still expected to go to plantation, weren’t given information on how to prepare or what to do during the event.

At the Amazon warehouse, people weren’t given clear instructions on what to do and where to meet during a tornado. This could very well be the reason why those six people are dead. The only way to make sure people around the world don’t continue to die from the neglect and out right murderous goals of the colony is to unite as Colonized people since we make up the majority of the population and stolen labor.

PHOTO: Damaged vehicles and personal property are strewn over a wide area,  Dec. 11, 2021, in Bremen, Ky, after a devastating tornado swept through the area overnight.

We have to work together to protect one another and share knowledge on Natural Event Preparedness. So if you or someone you know has experience in dealing with Natural Events, please share with us your preparation check list so we can better prepare the people: [email protected]. It takes that collective knowledge and brilliance to keep each other safe. If you want even faster email alerts and to continue learning these tips, become a Hammer today!

Don’t wait for another round of carelessness and death that caused so much death to happen again. The time to act is now not later!

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