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A Closer Look At the Omicron Variant

By Minister Wren

The world is buzzing as news of a new COVID variant was announced in South Africa this past week. The news has caused stock markets to fall with countries closing their borders to South Africa. The Western World continues to show how weak their defense against COVID-19 really is. If they actually trusted their vaccines and their “mask mandates” then this variant wouldn’t be so worrisome would it? 

It’s been proven time and time again that Colonizer countries and their health organizations (like WHO) don’t know shit and don’t care about public health. While the WHO immediately sounded the alarm, saying it was more deadly, and more contagious, the doctor who first discovered the variant is saying that while it is presenting differently and does have more mutations than any of the other variants, it is not more dangerous. 

While this sounds like good news, that doctor has only treated around two dozen people. The colonial system doesn’t know what this variant is really like, only that it is different but one thing that we do know for sure is that we cannot trust the colony to tell us the truth.

We have to be skeptical about all the information that comes out. They are using these scare tactics to push the funding for their faulty COVID vaccines and to push booster shots that have proven to be ineffective in stopping the spread of any form of the virus and cause life-changing side effects. 

As the world gets thrown into hysteria, China has been relatively silent this past week and for good reason. Even though Hong Kong has had two cases of the new variant, their travel protocols and strict COVID quarantining have proven effective against the Delta Variant so this variant shouldn’t be any different. At the Black Hammer Organization, we continue to learn and praise the Chinese government for its diligence in making sure their people are safe!

It was through their protocols that we developed our COVID-19 protocols and learned that KN95 masks were the most effective against the virus. You would think that other countries would look to the most successful and healthy countries to develop their pandemic protocols but the colony continues to fail and crumble just like DOW’s points.

So to our Hammers and Supporters, please make sure you’re following Black Hammer’s COVID-19 Safety protocols. One thing that all versions of the SARS-Cov-2 have in common is the size of the virus. What has proven to filter out ALL particles the size of the virus and smaller are Kn95 MASKS!! 

Kn95 masks have been used all around the world to protect people from all sorts of pollutants and they proved to be effective at filtering covid since the beginning of the pandemic.

That is why Black Hammer has been giving out KN95 masks to our poor and working class people for close to 2 years now. You can check out our Covid-19 basics page to get the science behind Kn95 masks, how to keep them effective, how long the virus sticks to different surfaces and more vital information that will keep you and your loved ones safe. 

The colony will continue to push vaccines and boosters using these scare tactics even though this has been proven to not work against the Delta Variant. We need to stand together and say no to these vaccines and mandates. All around the world, there have been protests because it’s our body and our choice.

There are plenty of jobs that can be done at home but they are forced to be done in a building under fluorescent lights all the while these buildings are COVID hot spots with poorly circulated air. We cannot keep risking our lives for a job that doesn’t care about us. If we stand together for what is right, we will win!

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