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More White on White Crime: Michigan School Shooting

The devil has struck again. This time in the form of a 15-year-old bleached demon. 

The prosecutor handling the case of ethan crumbley has revealed plenty of disturbing details leading up to the event. One detail being the gun used in the shooting was actually bought for ethan by his father. His son was there during the purchase.

James Crumbley (father of ethan) purchased the gun for the little devil as a Christmas gift.

Michigan school shooting: Ethan Crumbley's parents facing ...
Ethan’s parents who are charged with four counts of involuntary manslaughter

Ethan started showing clear as day signs of wanting to follow in the footsteps of his ancestors and their thirst for blood with his parents even being called in to meet with school faculty around ethan’s “problematic behavior.”

The meeting occurred after a teacher found a note where ethan wrote down “the thoughts won’t stop, help me” and a drawing of a gun pointing to these words and other notes like “my life is useless”. You get the idea. 

James and Jennifer were given a slap on the wrist and asked to put their son into counseling within the next 48 hours. The shooting occurred after the parents left this meeting.

Gun Culture or Colonizer Culture?

At this point, the Colonized poor working class recognize there is something very wrong with the society we live in. But what exactly is the root of all these school shootings? Why is amerikkka #1 in these shootings? 

The united snakkkes is already the largest perpetrator of violence in history. It’s also the largest exporter of weapons. 7 of the top 10 weapons manufacturing companies are in the u.$.

It’s simply part of white culture. Tasteless and bland food, lives and morals, colonizers have only continued their legacy of violence, horror and cannibalism. Why cannibalism? The cave beasts murder their own people as we’ve just seen with ethan or the holocaust.

Oh and we can’t forget about the holocaust can we?

We’re glad that the parents have been charged with 4 counts and ethan as an adult. But at the end of the day nothing will change unless we, the Colonized poor working class who the system uses for resources, land and labor to manufacture so many weapons and all the material goods to fuel colonizer culture, change the damn thing ourselves. 

Black Hammer is standing up against these filthy colonizer cave monsters that shoot at each other in schools by taking back what was stolen from us; our land, lives, labor AND resources. White power is crumbling and the crumbley family is more proof of this. 

A new society and way of life must be built in order to stop the chaos that the colony has created, a new culture around defense and it starts with you. So take up your own leadership and put an end to the violence our ancestors and Colonized people worldwide continue to experience every day from white power and the sellouts that work for it. 

Land Back!

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