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COVID Pills: Miracle Pill or More Deadly Product?

By The Ministry of People’s Affairs

The Merck and Ridgeback pharma companies have been working to develop an experimental antiviral treatment pill named “Molnupiravir” to reduce the severity of COVID-19 symptoms.

The pill works by mutating the part of the coronavirus that is responsible for replicating itself. The mutated versions then get replicated over and over, until there are so many mutations that the virus can no longer function. In theory, this antiviral method called “error catastrophe” is supposed to stop the virus from replicating itself before it causes COVID-19.

However, there are concerns from some scientists about the mechanism of this drug. Because Molnupiravir works by disrupting how the coronavirus replicates RNA, there could be a concern of a similar effect on human DNA or RNA. And theoretically, drugs that change human DNA or RNA can cause either birth defects or cancer. So if this drug is not actually proven to not change human DNA or RNA, it could have severe side effects on humans.

And another potential problem is that because the pill changes parts of the virus to stop it, it can create another harmful variant of the virus—such as the Delta or Omicron variants. 

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Merck started testing the pill in October 2020 and ended in October 2021. They stopped testing it earlier than what they had planned because the FDA said the study was having “positive results”, so the pharma company only tested it on 775 out of the 1500 people they had planned.

775 people is a really small number of people to test an experimental drug that would be given to millions across the world. And not only did they test it on a few people, they also excluded pregnant people from the study and the people that participated needed to stop having heterosexual sex because of the concerns that the pill could cause birth defects. Merck is, of course, ignoring all of these problems and has already submitted its preliminary analysis to the FDA for Emergency Use Authorization approval. On November 30, advisors to the FDA recommended the Emergency Use approval by a close vote of 13 to 10 and the FDA will decide if it’s officially authorizing it in the next few days. 

Similarly and suspiciously, Pfizer’s COVID-19 pill trials were cut short for the same reason as Merck’s. They stopped testing the pill at 1219 out of the 3000 people that were originally planned for the study. The difference between Pfizer’s pill is the way this pill counteracts the coronavirus is by blocking a substance that it needs to replicate itself, but without mutating parts of the virus like Merck’s pill does.

On paper, this pill raises less concerns than Merck’s, but given that Pfizer didn’t finish the study of this pill and it has a history of selling defective and/or rushed products, such as the COVID-19 vaccine, this pill is still concerning. The pharma company is soon expecting to have the drug reviewed for Emergency Use Authorization by the FDA as well.

The bottom line is that both colonial pharmaceutical companies have not done enough research into these experimental treatments on purpose. Their studies were half-baked and the FDA is, unsurprisingly, happily considering them for Emergency Use Authorization – just like they did with the COVID-19 vaccines.

This is because pharma companies know that by cutting short the research and development of drugs that claim to effectively treat a deadly disease, but in reality don’t do anything, will make them a lot of money. Selling drugs that don’t solve the disease will keep the disease going, which means more drugs to be sold.

Johnson & Johnson’s baby powder that landed them thousands of lawsuits and affected primarily African mothers

And companies are especially invested in making half-assed drugs/products when the disease is mainly affecting poor and working class Colonized people—as has been the case with COVID-19 and HIV—because big pharma and colonial/neocolonial (white power/sellout) governments treat our bodies and our lives as disposable, purely as a source of income. The false promise that drugs like the COVID-19 pills and the vaccines are the solution to the pandemic is what has continued to make the pandemic so uncontrollable and deadly.

They are another example of how the united snakkkes and big pharma continues to neglect the pandemic on purpose, already killing millions of Colonized people at this point worldwide. It is a continuation of the genocide that colonizers committed against Colonized people for centuries now.

It’s time we take control over our own bodies. Enough of being guinea pigs for the colonizers so that they can continue to profit off our deaths. Biden’s administration has already secured millions of doses of Pfizer’s treatment and Merck has a $1.2 billion contract to supply the united snakkkes with 1.7 million courses of its drug—all of this before getting the pills approved! 

White power is already planning to heavily use these experimental medications on us; we need to fight back now! The Black Hammer Organization works hard everyday to ensure Colonized peoples have medical grade masks and that they are united to taking back full control over our lives And yes, this includes saying NO to these experimental drugs developed by colonizers with a history of genocide.

Join us for our live discussion today at 7 PM EST to learn more about these deadly products! Continue learning about the truth and decide for yourself.

After giving a watch, join us in getting free and building a new world where pharmaceutical companies and white power don’t control the media, our lives, labor OR resources!

Land Back!

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