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Sandinistas Give A Big “F*ck You” To the u.s.

By Comrade Acorn

The Sandinistas of Nicaragua are being targeted by the colonial propaganda machine heavily, yet again.

Painted as an authoritarian dictator that won’t release his power, Daniel Ortega and the FSLN (Sandinista Liberation Front) are being demonized for simply winning the majority vote from the Colonized masses; a vote they have earned through blood, sweat and hard work.

Let’s not forget about the Iran-Contra Affair of the 1980’s where the u.$. funded counter-revolutionaries in Nicaragua in order to stop the FSLN from gaining power through the sale of weapons to Iran. The contras—sellout dogs for colonialism—went on to kill tens of thousands of innocent people while bombing residential neighborhoods.

But watch out: mayonnaise monkeys are STILL on the loose, lying and attempting to loot from poor, working class Colonized people of Nicaragua.

The colonial news outlets and neoliberal kkkommissions like the Organization of American States (“OAS”) spread lies about the Sandinistas. They lied saying they didn’t protect their people from COVID-19, that they rigged the November 7th elections that resulted in President Daniel Ortega’s re-election, and the lies just keep going!

The united snakkkes and their allies the Mexican government blocked leftist reporters from entering Nicaragua and deleted Sandinista and government facebook accounts. Polls leading up to the election showed that Sandinistas had two-thirds of the vote.

LYING is the ONLY true amerikkkan tradition that yankees have held onto for 600 years and counting. 

Nicaragua reports the least amount of COVID-19 related deaths in the region.

Even though in the last few years Nicaragua has faced countless setbacks—an attempted coup, COVID-19 pandemic, fewer tourists, Hurricanes Eta and Iota, tightening sanctions from colonizer nations like the united snakkkes or the cave beasts of ew-rope—the Sandinistas are still successfully beating off the gringos from taking over their land! 

Since 2007, the FSLN has worked hard to create a high quality of life for Nicaraguans; a sharp contrast to its pro-imperialist and neocolonial neighbors like Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala that are crippled under colonialism: free and high-quality universal healthcare, free higher education, disaster planning, infrastructure and jobs programs, and good quality housing. Sixty-six percent of Nicaragua’s budget goes to health and education—a huge investment for any country. So it is no surprise that they won re-election. 

Some key strategies to their victory: the national, pro-Sandinista military, “Las Brigadistas” or Health Brigade Volunteers for campesino families, and achieving food sovereignty, meaning that 90% of the food consumed by Nicaraguans is made in Nicaragua. 

Nicaraguan people and FSLN supporters just want peace and love in their country.

Just like the Sandinistas, we are struggling to get our land back to be able to feed and clothe Colonized people without the help of the united snakkkes.

To really defeat white power we need to build a dual contending power, the same power that took the Sandinistas decades to build. So what are you waiting for? Help us build power for Colonized people in every corner of the world and help defeat colonialism, capitalism, and imperialism in our lifetimes!

Land Back and a huge revolutionary salute to the FSLN and the Colonized masses of Nicaragua for struggling against colonialism!

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