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How To Actually Take The Land Back This Thanksgiving

It’s that time of year again.

Woke political memes are being spread around and “land back” is being discussed by the useless online “leftist” scene as well as the true history of thanksgiving.

Doesn’t take much to realize the piece of colonial propaganda and the continuation of colonization here in amerikkka that is thanksgiving.

It’s always been “No Thanks” from us here at Black Hammer.

So how do we actually take action against colonialism to take the land back? And no, not just donating to an organization that gives charity to indigenous people or reposting to “spread awareness.”

For an answer, we can look at our revolutionary ancestors, their struggles, wins and contradictions that came along with fighting the colonizers from their lands.

We can look towards the countless anti-colonial movements whether from Guinea Bissau and Cape Verde which was led by Amilcar Cabral or the victory of the Vietnamese communists led by Ho Chi Minh against the strongest military power at the time.

Battle of Dien Bien Phu where the Vietnamese fought off the french cave beast colonizers

In order to take on the struggle of our ancestors, we must learn and pick up where they left off as well as combat any incorrect ideas among the Colonized masses.

For example, learning from the divide and conquer tactics used by the colonizers on Turtle Island, pinning one tribe of Indigenous people against the other. We know now that we must unite regardless of whatever sector of the land and people we represent.

Some have the incredibly wrong take that says those who are not indigenous to Turtle Island are “settlers” when in reality they are displaced Colonized people while others believe that anyone who is non-native “benefits” from the continued genocide and removal of indigenous people.

Mao if he read the take that all non natives are “settlers” on stolen land

This type of talk leads us nowhere and is counterintuitive to actually taking back the land and the anti-colonial struggle. It goes against our Second Principle of Unity here at Black Hammer which states that all Colonized people are equal.

We are all indigenous to somewhere. But regardless we must learn from our ancestors and understand that we must unite as Colonized people worldwide to take down the largest empire to ever exist.

Not many are doing so but Black Hammer is; in word AND action. Building worldwide, from Turtle Island to Africa, we are uniting as Colonized people to finally end colonialism and build a new world where no one lives at the expense of another.

Nigeria, New Orleans, Kenya and Atlanta all building power for poor working class Colonized people

Enough of the liberal nonsense, the “What You Can Do To Help” and the completely wack ass analysis of land back and thanksgiving. Colonized people worldwide know they are still enslaved and we shouldn’t give thanks to the exploited workers for giving us food by simply keeping them in mind; we thank them by getting free and building power for them and all those that are slaves for white power.

Give real thanks by building for our most exploited Colonized people

What we need as Colonized people is absolute control over our lives, labor, land and resources. We currently don’t have any of this; that’s why land and water protectors are constantly being arrested and abused by the white power state.

So be part of the land back movement that will actually get us free and recognizes each of our struggles as Colonized peoples as one single struggle. From Palestine to Turtle Island and everywhere in between, we will all be freed.

And for the mayosapiens reading, check out the post below, recognize your parasitic existence as the actual settler colonizers on stolen land and pay reparations to the Vanguard. CashApp: $BlackHammerOrg

Land Back!

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You can also submit your work to us, and as long as it unites with our 4 Principles of Unity, you will see your writing published on all of our platforms.

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