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“Better Working Conditions”: Why Begging Gets Us Nowhere

By Comrade Acorn

Poor working class Colonized folks are tired as hell from their abusive plantations with 178 strikes in the united snakkkes since the beginning of 2021 taking place. October earned the nickname “Striketober” from the liberal left that won’t stop going on and on about “worker’s rights.”

Only 7 months ago were Amazon workers trynna beg their plantation owners for “better working conditions.”

One of the countless strikes that happened this year was at El Milagro in Chicago, the Midwest’s favorite tortilla producer. 

Eighty-five production-line workers came down with COVID-19 this year and five of them died due to lack of safety precautions, like prohibiting the wearing of masks which happen to be the only proven method to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and other air-borne diseases! 

A group of workers, supporters, and elected officials march towards El Milagro’s headquarters for a press conference, Thursday, Sept. 30, 2021.

Employees work seven days per week with no days off. There is a high demand for tortillas but El Milagro refuses to update factory machinery or hire more workers. 

Instead the machines have been sped up so the workers have to work at lightning speed—one worker says he packs 80 packages per minute! 

On top of all of that, several sexual harassment accusation reports have been filed, but the management refuses to seek justice for the victims. Workers who had no intention of leaving their jobs were locked out of the factory and had to wait hours to get their personal belongings. 

Sign Reads: “Second Shift closed for today. Please report to Human Resources before returning to work. Thank you”

This is more than mistreatment—this is SLAVERY.

Flashforward to today, more than a month since their first walkout, and workers are STILL having to work under terrible conditions, and now in even more terrifying conditions. 

El Milagro has been threatening to call the pigs to forcefully deport workers, surveilling them, and bringing in armed security guards. After more than a month of protesting the only victory won so far is that El Milagro has been found violating a law mandating one day off per week. #ElMilagroElMaltrato 

Organizing with our oppressors (epecially begging for “workers rights” ) groups will NEVER accomplish ANYTHING! El Milagro is family-run and founded by an indigenous person from Mexico, but instead of uniting with their fellow indigenous people they are working with white power to slowly kill us! 

These sellouts continue to sell our bodies to white power for the cheapest price while harboring sexual predators and calling the pigs (police) on us so that they can further violate our bodies. 

Arise Chicago is a “workers rights” group that has been working with El Milagro factory workers for YEARS, and the most they have achieved is an extra 40 cents above minimum wage! Their petition demands are PATHETIC and not nearly good enough for our people! 

Raising the starting wage to $20 an hour is just CRUMBS and isn’t a long-term solution because the cost of living in the united snakkkes will continue to skyrocket. Twenty dollars an hour cannot erase the sins that El Milagro, Amazon or any other plantation has committed against our people, or heal the traumatic wounds from working those same plantations and more.

Unless we want #Striketober to turn into #Strikesgiving #Strikevember or #NoWorkNovember we need to organize and build dual contending power.

At Black Hammer we KNOW that we deserve more than COLONY CRUMBS which we have to beg on our knees for from bleach demon colonizers and neocolonial sellouts! We deserve dictatorship, absolute control over our lives, labor, land and resources. 

El Milagro workers are still at the mercy of white power, which means that they still don’t have any control whatsoever. The only way to get it back is by uniting together as Colonized people and building our own cities to feed, clothe and protect each other. 

So it’s time to build power from below and take that control by any means necessary, to BUILD for Colonized people wherever they are! Time to get free together, united against our common enemy instead of begging the colonial state that has enslaved us for hundreds of years.

Land Back!

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