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Win After Win: An Announcement From Da Kween

Announcement From Commander Gazi

Land Back Hammers and Supporters, it’s ya gurl Gazi! If you’ve been keeping up with my social on the gram @commandergazi ? you will know that Da KWEEN been busy! We been serving the people in ways we have never done before!

I’m back in my Home of ATL, hoe! Ever since touching ground, I been focusing on the people that need it the most, our Homeless Colonized people! I chose Atlanta because it’s my home city, and I know it like that back of my hand—if anyone wants to start war you want it to be in your home base. After the Feds undermined Hammer City Colorado I knew they were gonna try to kill ya favorite revolutionary doll! So, I said “Alright white power, aka Joe Biden’s administration, if ya want me you gone have to fight me on my home turf!”

Atlanta also has a majority Black and Brown population that I can organize to help in these threatening times.

Black Hammer has been so much better since putting the Denver Headquarters to bed and building up the NEW Headquarters in Atlanta into the capital of the Black Hammer World Wide United Nation.

…Location Location Location

Our Revolutionary Church, ⛪️ EVERY Tuesday at Woodruff Park, in the center of the city, has become the cultural hub of the revolutionary world. Fitting since Atlanta is the capital of Black Culture, which always becomes popular culture.

We are also leading the attack on Big Pharma by protesting at the CDC Headquarters every #FraudFauciFriday in Atlanta. And guess where the New Hammer City is gonna be built? ? Oh HONEY you thought SHE WAS DONE WITH CITY BUILDING? My self-confidence is TOO BIG for me to allow the Feds to stop me from doing anything. Hammer City Georgia will be built and it will be housing the homeless colonized people we serve.

This Capitalist Economy is falling, and our people are being forced to take the hits hardest and first. Colonized people are pouring into the streets, condemned to homelessness at record numbers. When I was in majority-colonizer (white) Denver, I read the news everyday of how so many of our people in Atlanta were being pushed into homelessness. I knew that majority-Colonized cities were going to be epicenters of devastation caused by this crisis of imperialism. This is why we have not only built up our power in Atlanta, but also Chicago and Los Angeles-Central U.S. Based Chapters that are building up their own congregations in their respective cities.

I want to salute our Los Angeles and Chicago Chapter Cadres that joined us last week for our Cadre Intensive, organizing our second relief trip to New Orleans to check on our beautiful people there. We are happy to announce that a New Orleans Chapter has been built and you will be seeing the work of those Hammers very soon. On our return trip to New Orleans we went back with ten times more resources than we went with the last time, and twice as many members.

A whole UHaul with supplies for the people of New Orleans!

But you know Da CROWN always brings The CROWD. Our African Chapters in Kenya, Nigeria, Gambia, and  South Africa are doing so very well! They have worked hard, and I’m so proud of them that I am personally authorizing our Chapter to send the money they need to meet their yearly fundraising goals. This money will stabilize all of our African Chapters, so that there will be Hammer Houses  for the homeless on the African Continent.

This fund has nothing to do with charity, this is about investing in the future of our work, in Hammers that have proven to be trustworthy and dependable to serving the people.

I’m excited to say that we have another HUGE announcement coming from our Kenya Chapter very soon! This is a GAME CHANGER in the battle against Colonialism. We will be having a ceremony to debut this HISTORIC news.

To all the other Chapters around the world, I see all the amazing work you are doing, and I am very proud. I just can’t list you all cause that’s a security issue, child.

As you have seen, Black Hammer has focused the majority of our organizational power on the ground and towards our homeless. This means we have strategically backed away from so much cyber recruitment. We found that our online services were only benefiting the petty bourgeois, uppity sellouts and neocolonial students, people who had time to lounge for hours online. We are now truly an organization whose membership and support base is a majority of poor and working class colonized people. We are truly a street organization,street Hammers with street characteristics. We hood asf y’all!

Most of our membership now were homeless before meeting us and joining the organization. We are single-handedly proving that homeless people can be politically educated and organized for revolution. I have faith in this because I created Black Hammer when I was homeless. We who have been homeless have heart, and a determination that cannot be defeated. We have gone through, and are going through it all, but still we rise! Hammers are forged in FIRE!

Flexing Our Power

Lastly, to address something I know many of you have reached out to me with questions about.

One of our Hammers was doing Robin Hoodlum outreach when a pig by the name of Pig Bitch Dumb Hoe Officer Brooks tried to stop them. Even before this, Brooks wanted us to stop doing our Revolutionary Church because we been taking control of these blocks. Brooks is a big bully who thinks he’s big shit cause his pussy ass has a badge. We made sure to drop the HAMMER on his ASS!

We showed up at the pig precinct where we had supporters banging on the front door, while we lined up in a military stance, demanding Brooks be written up. Once we succeeded (which took about ten minutes cause they knew shit was about to go left real quick) we went hunting for piggy Brooks so I could let him know personally that shit is different when you come for Hammers.

When he saw us in huge numbers chanting his name to Boosie’s  “Fuck the Police” he went running! We haven’t seen his bitch ass since. The police have backed off, and let us do our good work for the people. We continue to have our Revolutionary Church without a hitch or a squeal from the piggies. The Uhaul truckloads of resources for our homeless people continue to get bigger and bigger! The crowds continue to grow, and we continue getting more chairs, only to never seem to have enough CHAIRS!

It is such a powerful blessing to be welcomed every week by hundreds of people and to read “War of The Flea” with them. The people are so captivated by it we have had to give out free copies right there in the street! We look forward to growing The Revolutionary Church to its highest capacity! PRAISE GOD!

Thank you all again for your continued and growing support! Without YOU we would never be able to afford going to NOLA, feed the hungry every week across the globe, have #FraudFauciFriday protests nationwide pushing back against Big Pharma and the Jab mandate, orchestrate community clean ups on four continents, push back the police state with militant force, and grow our revolutionary congregation so fast!

Hammers finishing up delivering care packages and supplies to a Tent City in Downtown New Orleans!

Thanks to you all we are already able to plan our next big cross-country relief trip. That’s RIGHT, Black Hammer is already organizing another massive relief effort—this time we’re going to Mexico! Don’t you just love an international KWEEN?

The Atlanta Headquarters era for Black Hammer is our best and brightest era yet.

Many people say “Gazi, you work so hard!”

I always respond “It’s not just me, it’s my Hammers. We push each other to work harder everyday because that’s what it takes to free our Colonized people all around the world. We are the Vanguard.”


Commander-In-Chief GAZI


The CROWN ? 
P.S. Kyle Rittenhouse is innocent. You don’t chase someone with an automatic weapon trying to assault them and be shocked when they turn around and shoot you. Anyways he killed white liberals, which we see as the highest form of reparations. So, Black Hammer will be sending him a cookie ? Please support our Kyle Cookie Fund here.

Use your writing talents to further the Liberation of all Colonized People by joining Black Hammer Times today! We are looking for journalists, reporters, poets, and more, so do not worry; there is a spot on our team for you.

You can also submit your work to us, and as long as it unites with our 4 Principles of Unity, you will see your writing published on all of our platforms.

We are also looking for donations to solve the water crisis in amerikkka which continues to take the lives of innocents to this day. Donate to our CashApp at $BLACKHAMMERORG so that we can provide clean water to Colonized communities worldwide!

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