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Astroworld Tragedy? Just More Money For The Sellouts

By Comrade Acorn

A horrific tragedy occurred this past Friday, November 5th when eight young people between the ages of 14-27 died at Astroworld Festival at NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas. 

Even when an ambulance came into the middle of the crowd the concert was not paused and continued until the very end.

Travis Scott, Drake, Live Nation Entertainment and NRG Stadium have already received multiple lawsuits on behalf of the victims for their failure to have adequate safety measures in place at Astroworld Festival. 

As well as being a corona breeding ground, even before Travis got on stage festival-goers reported having difficulty breathing because of how packed the venue was. 

Pigs had “supposed’ concerns about public safety before the event, but pigs must always protect profits before they protect human life.

As historical and dialectical materialists (fancy words that mean being scientific with history and the material world around us), this isn’t the first time something like this has happened. 

Another well-known catastrophe in the world of live shows was Woodstock 99 where an extremely crowded venue experienced the same crowding, sewage overflow and two deaths; all of this under 100-degree weather. 

Some have been comparing the Astroworld tragedy to a satanic ritual or pagan sacrifice—and there’s some truth to that too. Travis already has MILLIONS he’s sitting on, he didn’t have to have have another show; but the greed of sellouts and the money they chase after might as well be the devil who they’re willing to sacrifice lives for!

If you really want to study death cults and cannibalistic sacrifice rituals, look no further.

Celebrity worship is a death cult.

The united snakkkes is a death cult.

Colonialism is a death cult AND death machine, running off of the lives of poor working class Colonized people.

Every celebrity “loves their fans” because it is their fans that make their wealth, their popularity. Drake, Scott and his billionaire wife don’t give a fuck about you or the people that died. They just have the money to act like they do. 

Scott made over 30 million through the first AstroWorld tour

The real sacrifices have always been poor and working class Colonized people from Africa, Asia and the “americas” who feed, clothe and provide the colonizers and sellouts like kylie and Scott with everything they need for a cushy amerikkkan lifestyle. 

Colonized people are forced to work in the most dangerous and toxic work environments in the world for long hours, and go to sleep at night in cheap, undesirable or no housing.

Indigenous farm workers who are exposed to pesticides, long hours and shorter lives, paid cents on the dollar.

Their bodies are scarred, calloused, and poisoned. Their lifespans are cut short and they die at an earlier age.

At Black Hammer we are dialectical materialists, not cult-worshippers or conspiracy theorists. We study the material world. We are not students of symbols or vibes. We do not intellectualize tragedy and genocide: we denounce it and fight non-stop to end it.

Black Hammer’s second visit to NOLA where we delivered countless supplies to a tent city in Downtown New Orleans.

That’s also why we’re calling out these fake ass snakes who released apology videos, who feel “sorry”. The money Scott throws at the families who had members die is a fraction of what he made through the one show.

So join us in creating a world where no no one lives at the expense of another and where concerts like these AREN’T the norm.

Land Back!

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