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Billionaires Exposed But The united states Still Innocent? Think Again!

By Minister Xolotl

About two weeks ago, a mountain of documents was uncovered and made public by the ICIJ (International Consortium of Investigative Journalists) that revealed many financial secrets from a number of billionaires, politicians, and the global elite.

The almost 12 million documents show hidden properties, offshore accounts, and tax evasion that served as a way to keep their wealth hidden and away from the eyes of governments and international agencies.

This shadowy club of the elite have gotten used to using many tax loopholes and laws that governments allow them to make such moves.

While this loss of money would be expected to be put into the government to help the people, these funds would only be used to serve the colonial governments where these billionaires operate.

Many liberals and the left can only see the lost funds that could be used to help the people. All they seem the cry is “tax the rich!” But seeing the world through an anti-colonial lens, we see that the taxes the elite don’t contribute would NEVER be used to help the poor working class Colonized masses of the world.

Begging our oppressor for funds/demands hasn’t worked for the last few hundred years and it won’t work now

It is foolish to think that simply getting that money back will solve all the problems that colonialism has reproduced through its hundreds of years of existence.

Something else that stuck out was the fact that there was no one from the united snakkkes that was named in these papers. The snakkkes are still heavily involved in financial corruption, with multiple government officials from around the world buying property in the u.$.

Many trusts representing foreign interests were found in states like South Dakota, Florida, and Delaware. The united snakkkes has developed a reputation of tax and financial secrecy.

In 2020, the Financial Secrecy Index ranked the u.$. as the second most secretive jurisdiction in the world. But it seems that even then, people who represent the biggest colonial power were not found to have taken part in financial fraud.

The United States is ranked second on the 2020 Financial Secrecy Index,
based on a secrecy score of 63 combined with a huge scale weighting
due to the fact that the US accounts for 21.37 per cent of the global
market in offshore financial services.(From Financial Secrecy Index 2020)

This is suspicious to say the least. What is more suspicious is the fact that of the 12 million documents the ICIJ uncovered, only one percent has been made public.

Much like previous “leaks” like the Panama Papers, this latest document dump only serves to hide and deflect the shadowy world that the u.$ (and other colonizer nations) control. At the end of the day, institutions like the ICIJ only serve the colonial white power system.

Such agents of the colony cannot be allowed to steal the resources that rightfully belong to the Colonized working class any longer. 

Black Hammer is here to ensure that Colonized people get their resources back and so that we can live in a world where NO ONE lives at the expense of another. 

Land Back!

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