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Why Ethiopia Is Being Targeted: Part 2

By Comrade Acorn

Cooperation amongst the nations in the Horn of Africa won’t be able to happen if the ethnic groups within Ethiopia are not able to work together. The Tigray War, a civil war that broke out on November 3, 2020, is a continuation of hundreds of years of conflict.

Ethiopia is the second most populous country in Africa and home to more than 80 tribes or ethnic groups. The Amhara and the Oromo tribes make up two thirds of Ethiopia’s population and have a longstanding rivalry. 

Will ethnic federalism lead to Ethiopia's disintegration ...

The Amhara ruled over Ethiopia for the majority of the country’s history and pursued a policy of ethnic homogenization in which the Amhara identity became the norm and other ethnic identities were marginalized.

The Amhara leadership excluded other ethnic groups from holding office as well as Afaan Oromo and other languages being banned in school and from being spoken on the radio because they would break the radio! This all changed when a famine led to the 1970s collapse of Amhara emperor Haile Selassie’s dictatorship. 

Meles Zenawi, Ethiopian Prime Minister, Dies at 57 - The ...
Sellout leader of the TPLF, Meles Zenawi

The Tigrayan People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) was a rebel group fighting against the discrimination of Tigrayan people in Ethiopia. When the socialist regime fell in 1991, the TPLF and Meles Zenawi came into power with the help of the united snakkkes. 

There was hope that the Tigrayans, led by the TPLF, could balance power between the Amhara and Oromo. Once in power, the TPLF drafted a new constitution for Ethiopia that divided the country into nine self-governing ethno-states. During this time Ethiopia became more prosperous and stable, even though the TPLF were known to have escalated conflict with Eritrea, invaded Somalia in 2007, rigged elections, and violated a number of human rights. It was not a democratic leadership, but the Oromo, the largest ethnic group in Ethiopia, prefered TPLF leadership to the old Amhara leadership. 

Political cartoon depicting the TPLF and united snakkkes working together to destabilize the Horn of Africa

Current Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed was appointed leader in 2018 as a member of TPLF. Last year, Abiy severed ties with the TPLF party to create a new Prosperity Party and began seeking to reform the constitution, which was something he should not have done if he cared about maintaining peace in Ethiopia! 

Since then, ethnic groups began to worry that the rights they had been given would soon be taken away and the TPLF became more vocal against Abiy. Each side has called the other “illegitimate” and Eritrea joined the Ethiopian military to attack the state of Tigray. 

Thousands have died, two million have been uprooted from their homes, and the united snakkkes are making things worse by putting sanctions on Ethiopia and Eritrea. Some Oromo have joined the TPLF and taken arms against Abiy’s leadership. 

Smoke billows from the scene of an air strike, in Mekelle, the capital of Tigray region, Ethiopia October 20, 2021. REUTERS/Stringer
An air strike, in Mekelle, the capital of Tigray region (REUTERS/Stringer)

Fighting in East Africa has led to millions of refugees because it is no longer safe to be Tigray in Ethiopia, but it’s not safe to be a Colonized person in the united snakkkes either. 

Ethiopia is known as the only country in Africa to have resisted ew-ropean colonization. But colonialism doesn’t need to set foot in a country to colonize the local people. Colonialism uses heavy doses of brainwashing to persuade us into believing that some of us are better than others, or that we are not Colonized people at all! Unfortunately Ethiopians have been heavily brainwashed. 

Colonized people will never be able to work together as long as they deny their shared origins and material experience. As long as some colonized people think they are better than other colonized people they won’t be united to struggle against the ultimate oppressors, white power and colonialism.

“All Colonized Proletariat are equal; no matter gender, sexuality, age, skin tone, body type, location, religion, language, mental/physical differences and/or bi/multiracial identity”


The second principle lays out how all the divisions and separations that the colony has constructed do not matter. We as Colonized people are equal no matter what the colony and different liberal agendas try to tell us.

There is a very important reason why we emphasize equality among Colonized people here at Black Hammer and it is because through studying history we have observed how Colonized people have made themselves vulnerable to further manipulation by colonizers by not following Black Hammer’s Second Principle of Unity.

It may be difficult to overcome our differences, but best believe that it is more difficult for our people to fight against colonialism divided rather than united!

Let’s put our differences aside and get some work done! To really have self-determination and fight oppression and discrimination is to unite and struggle together against colonialism. 

Land Back!

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