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Why FDA Approval Doesn’t Mean Shit

The FDA has finally decided to use an experimental vaccine on children ages 5-11—a vaccine which has yet to complete its final trials which take YEARS to conclude effectiveness and safety.

It’s as if we forget the countless failures of the FDA and CDC not just during this pandemic but throughout their existence. 

We can touch on those crimes against humanity shortly but first, the reason behind these forced, rushed and experimental vaccines being forced onto our kids? Simple. 

The economy is completely tanked and this would serve as another boost for the doomed system of colonial-capitalism. 

Mama Earth can’t take this economy much longer since the white power system runs off its resources extracted from the land and the Colonized peoples that inhabit those same lands.

So let’s remind ourselves why the FDA and state agencies are useless again.

The “Opioid Crisis”

What does FDA approval for vaccinating kids mean when they’ve approved a highly addictive drug that made BILLIONS in profits, hooked hundreds of thousands and killed thousands?

Purdue Pharma, working alongside the FDA to approve a new synthetic opioid (pain medication with high potential for abuse), created a specific label only meant for the new drug—Oxycontin. 

Infamous photo of couple that overdosed on Opioids while driving

This new drug hit the market in 1995 and would take the lives of millions not just through overdosing but destroying families, relationships and creating addicted babies. 

Think thanks (foundations/organizations meant to spread propaganda) and sellout doctors alike all advocated for this new “miracle” drug meant to treat any type of pain. 

All of the symptoms of addiction were blamed on the individual, that they were responsible for their own problems. 

In the end, Purdue got away with a slap on the wrist and a $634 million dollar fine. Pennies on the dollar compared to their profits in the billions. So this was never really an “opioid crisis” but one of the many symptoms from the system of colonial-capitalism.

But what about other vaccine manufacturers like Johnson & Johnson? Can we trust them?

Cancer Causing Baby Powder

Johnson & Johnson’s baby powder that landed them thousands of lawsuits

Back in 2020, Johnson & Johnson was ordered to pay a $2.1 billion dollar file after causing ovarian cancer to a group of women that used talcum products contaminated with asbestos, getting away without paying the original amount of $4.7 billion.

But regardless, the monsters continued to sell their poison overseas of course hitting the poor working class Colonized masses hardest. 

To avoid the legal trouble and bankruptcy, J&J used a legal loophole that allowed them to create a separate company to absorb the 40,000 lawsuits, filed for bankruptcy with that company and put all those cases on pause until further notice. 

Their baby powder was heavily marketed to African mothers for years despite J&J knowing their product had asbestos.

Wanna learn about the other criminal corporations involved in the manufacturing of these experimental needles? Check out our two part series; What they’re not telling you about these new Covid Vaccines: Part 1

Build For The People, Not The Colony

It looks like these pharmaceutical companies don’t care about our health after all! 

So would you really trust them with your children if they laced babies with asbestos?

The universities that these companies bribed to create junk science to sell their highly addictive drug?

Time to end not just Big Pharma’s profits but our own slavery as guinea pigs, consumers, laborers and literal fuel that keeps the system of colonialism going. 

To do so we gotta unite for a common struggle across nations no matter where we are but thankfully Black Hammer is leading that way forward. We are marching on the CDC November 22nd to end the lies, fraud and genocide of Colonized peoples which they have allowed for too long.

Rise up with us against these money hungry, death driven corporations and take back control over your own life!

Land Back!

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