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Migrant Caravan Wins: Why Colonized Unity Matters

Mexican state pigs have failed at preventing a caravan of Indigenous migrants heading for the border of amerikkka. 

The group was made up of Indigenous poor working class peoples AND Haitian migrants; both groups fleeing the years of devastation caused by colonialism and neocolonialism. 

This beautiful show of Colonized unity was what allowed for the caravan to overrun sellout Mexico-state pigs in the first place, proving Black Hammer’s 2nd Principle of Unity to be a powerful weapon. 

Migrants and asylum seekers from Central America and the Caribbean walk in a caravan headed to the Mexican capital to apply for asylum and refugee status, on a highway near Escuintla, in Chiapas state, Mexico August 29, 2021. REUTERS/Jose Torres
Colonized folks marching and defying the sellout government of Mexico which serves white power

The groups leading the march and struggle against state

But should we view this as a win for our Colonized siblings struggling against the illegal colonial borders?

News of u.$. concentration camps recently made the news again as reports of everyday abuses have come to light ranging from “child sexual assault to enforced hunger, threats of rape and brutal detention conditions”.

These concentration camps are of course, ICE detention centers or as sleepy joe calls em, “immigrant detention facilities.” 

All of this comes after border patrol pigs made headlines back in September for whipping Haitian migrants fleeing from the chaos created by the united snakkkes in the first place, with colonizers calling it “fake news.” 

So even though our Colonized siblings united to breakthrough the wall of militarized pigs, they run the chance of getting funneled into these concentration camps. 

Ain’t nothing changed since the cave beast colonizers landed and at this point it’s getting harder and harder to NOT see it. We can no longer put our faith in the “justice systems” of these colonial and neocolonial governments.

The only way to abolish these concentration camps and ensure that our Colonized poor working class folks have true freedom is to organize the poor working class Colonized folks who actually make up the prisons and concentration camps. 

Enough posting about it; time to do something about it and actually build for the Colonized poor working class who will endure even more suffering as the system of white power and neocolonialism (white power in blackface, brownface, etc.) comes tumblin down. 

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