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Alex Saab Tortured For Fighting Against Genocidal Sanctions

The united snakkkes continues its terrorist tactics while completely ignoring international law, kidnapping key Venezuelan diplomat Alex Saab. 

Conventional/colonial media outlets are repeating the same lies around this news; that Saab is a corrupt businessman who is wanted for embezzlement and other made-up crimes. 

Among the other outrageous and wild ass claims the u.$. is throwing around are accusations of running a “criminal enterprise” alongside Nicolas Maduro. 

Colombians rising up against the sellout government of ivan duque who is actually involved in criminal enterprises such as drug trades and completely backed by the u.$.

The actual reason the colonizers arrested Saab is because he’s working around the genocidal and illegal sanctions imposed on Venezuela by the amerikkkan empire, securing deals to deliver very much needed medical and food supplies to his people. 

Captured by INTERPOL (international pigs) and Cape Verde pigs collaborating together, he endured torture during his 491 days of an illegal arrest in Cape Verde where his mental and physical health were basically destroyed.

The Colonized masses in Venezuela holding up a sign that reads “The people are with Alex Saab”

All of this in an attempt to turn him against the Venezuelan government and Nicolas Maduro.

But none of these deadly terrorist tactics have worked as Saab’s letter to his wife details how he won’t play into the colonizer’s sick game stating “I don’t plan to lie to favor the [u.$.]. I’ve not committed any crime, in the [u.$.] or in any country.”

As the Colonized nations of the world continue to rise up and build as the colonial empire falls apart more and more each day, desperate attempts to maintain control like this are more likely as well. 

If you’re reading from the colony of amerikkka, we need to raise hell here in the belly of the beast; not by protesting against climate change, begging massa to pass a law or bill, or fighting for “tenants rights”. 

The colony will never give us these crumbs. We need to replace the whole state apparatus that for years has enacted genocide on Colonized peoples (and in this case Venezuela through sanctions). 

Building dual-contending power against the colonial system and uniting ALL Colonized people will bring us liberation from the root of all our problems; colonialism and neocolonialism. Not just capitalism. 

Ain’t no other organization spittin these facts to the Colonized poor working class like we are so start building with us today! There’s plenty of work to go around and so many of our people that need to be served.

Land Back! 

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