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Janky Jab, Big World: u.s. Vaccine Failing Across the Globe

By Minister Wren

As more and more companies and states are moving to require employees and students to be vaccinated, there has been little to no proof that these colonial vaccines work. The CDC and other colonial states are promising that the vaccines will keep people safe from COVID-19 but we can see that even in the snakkkes, the numbers are not dropping. They’ve said that it’s mostly unvaccinated people that are getting sick but that logic isn’t even working. Some of the most vaccinated countries are experiencing high COVID numbers including isn’treal (israel) and now Singapore. More than 80% of the Singapore population have been vaccinated and yet they had the largest daily infections since the start of the pandemic on September 23rd.

Singapore is using the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines from the snakkkes as well as the Sinovac vaccine from China. The nation, which is full of wealthy neo-colonial sellouts, refuses to monitor data from the distribution of the Sinovac vaccine.

This vaccine is not doing its job and this system has no right to make it mandatory for people to get it in order to survive. With this vaccine mandate, any company with more than 100 employees must be vaccinated, which is most companies that poor, working class people work at like fast food places, factories, etc. This system continues to step on our right to have dictatorship over our lives rather than actually providing people with proven methods of reducing COVID-19 cases: quarantining and wearing medical-grade masks.

These vaccines ain’t doin shit cause if they did, the cases would have dropped this past year when the vaccine was being rolled out across the world and in the united snakkkes. Instead we saw another large spike in the united snakkkes with September having the most deaths since February in certain states and even isn’treal is struggling with their cases. Their numbers are now dropping after a large spike over the summer when they prematurely opened up the state. Yet the illegitimate country had some of the highest vaccination rates in September with 60% of the population having at least one dose.

Romania is experiencing its highest case and death count since the beginning of the pandemic. The country is running out of coffins and negotiating with Hungary to sent the overflow of patients to there.

From these examples, we can see that we cannot trust what this system is saying about these vaccines. They are grasping at straws trying to keep this economy going while keeping their boots on our necks. We have to continue wearing our KN95 masks, sanitizing our groceries and keeping our hands to ourselves to keep our communities safe! 

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