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Independencia ¡YA! Puerto Rico Rages Against LUMA

Once again the Colonized masses of Puerto Rico are fighting for dictatorship over their own resources as huge protests rock the island in response to the privatization of the electrical grid. 

Having gone through one of the longest electrical blackouts in history, the Colonized poor working class of Puerto Rico are sick of it. 

Just a few months back a fire broke out at the LUMA energy substation in San Juan which plunged the entire island and over 800,000 people into darkness. 

And check this shit out; the energy company responsible for the blackouts, suffering and hoarding of resources—a privately owned u.$. & kkkanadian (canadian) energy company—owns not just the electricity grid but another vital resource. 

It’s estimated that they’ve also robbed 68% of Puerto Rico’s water reservoirs from the island colony. 

All of this comes after the instability and recovery of Hurricane Maria which devastated the island back in 2017 where AT LEAST 2,975 (officially accepted) died—a number that’s actually estimated to be closer to 4,645 but even this number is sure to be an undercount. 

That’s why we can’t just fight against corporations and privatization. We need to unite and fight for dictatorship over our own resources, lives, labor AND land. 

Puerto Rico still serves as a literal colony to the united snakkkes but it’s not just Puerto Rico. It’s every “third world nation” or what’s now being called the “global south”. 

Puerto Ricans protesting against the colonizers who used them as lab rats for birth control experimentation

But simply put, these are Colonized nations that serve as the labor, resources and wealth of colonizer nations like the u.$. and all of europe. 

This has been an ongoing fight against colonizer corporations and we’re proud to see our siblings continuing to struggle against colonial-capitalism and the sellouts that allow for the looting of the island. 

The Colonized poor working class of Puerto Rico must unite and destroy all those that interfere with their right to self-determination. 

It’s gonna take more than mobilizing against the enemy but with the unity, organization and struggle of the Colonized poor working class, they’ll get those filthy yankees and their sellout dogs out in no time. In fact it’s gonna take all Colonized peoples worldwide uniting to destroy this 600 year old monster.

Fuera LUMA y los yankees! 

Land Back!

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