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What’s Really Going On In Beirut: 6 Dead, 30 Injured

Beirut has seen gunfights in the streets as protests against the judge who suspended the investigation of the explosion that occurred at the Beirut Port—which killed at least 217 people and was felt as far as Cyprus (145 mi. away from the original site!)—turned deadly.

The groups leading the peaceful protests are being blamed for starting the violence when in reality they were only defending themselves.

Hezbollah and Amal are rightfully charging judge Tarek Bitar with being a corrupt sellout for white power and kissing the ass of the colonizer class. 

Beirut Gunfights Leave 6 Dead After Hezbollah Protest Against Lebanon's  Explosion Probe - WSJ
Colonized peoples defending themselves from the shoot out that the Lebanese Army most likely started after peacefully protesting

Six are reported dead as the masses of Colonized peoples flee the violence caused by the Lebanese Forces Party, a right wing militia that is heavily backed by Saudi Arabia and u.$. forces.

Hezbollah—a group formed to take the Land Back from the control of white power that also fought off isn’treal (israel) from colonizing South Lebanon—are fighting back against the corruption that allowed the Beirut explosion to occur.

Hyperinflation, blackouts across neighborhoods and suffering of the Colonized masses will no longer be tolerated and groups like Hezbollah and ally organizations like Amal are taking that power back. 

Photo of isn’treal bombing the Gaza Strip

These freedom fighters know the occupation of Palestine by isn’treally (israeli) soldiers is an illegal one just as the interference in their own nation is one from colonial/neocolonial forces looking to serve white power. 

To blame those fighting back against the enemy for the violence and destruction caused by the enemy in the first place means you’ve been brainwashed by amerikkkan propaganda. 

We do understand however that the poor working class Colonized civilians that are caught in the crossfire should be the priority in this fight; to organize them into becoming the leadership that they are lacking with the sellout government. 

Lebanon protests: 'Difficult, delicate' situation for Hezbollah | Hezbollah  News | Al Jazeera
Photo from Ibrahim Amro/AFP

With their unity in the struggle against the colonizer nations that are now supporting the new puppet Prime Minister (after the one before was ousted by the people), the poor working class Colonized masses will take the land back from the snakes and sellouts. 

We salute Hezbollah and all resistance forces who fight against the colonizers that continue to exploit the land and its peoples. 

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Land Back!

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