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226,000 Children Infected As Pfizer Begs To Vaccinate Them

If you needed proof of this covid vaccine being a dud, Big Pharma giant Pfizer is now begging for emergency authorization to approve their experimental needles for children between the ages of 5-11. 

The efficacy of the Pfizer vaccine, being so low but propped up as super effective by amerikkkan propaganda, will need to be proven in a debate that will take place on October 26th. 

While a sad excuse of a study is being used to push for approval—a small study in which only 2,268 volunteers aged 5 to 11 were experimented on—hundreds of thousands of children are becoming infected with the rampant delta variant. 

According to research from the AAP and Children’s Hospital Association, 226,000 children were diagnosed with COVID-19 during the week ending Sept. 16, the third highest weekly count since the start of the pandemic

If vaccines haven’t managed to stop the spread of the virus, why are we being made to think that the “solution” is the same for children? 

STEVE SACK / Minneapolis Star Tribune

Because the white power state is on the verge of economic collapse and needs the desperate boost to their economy. This time their market is children. 

As if being forced to return to the plantations (“work”) to continue growing the wealth of colonizer nations, corporations and sellouts that all work alongside each other, now children will face potentially life-long lasting effects from an experimental vaccine 

More Evidence Links Myocarditis to mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines

The failed Center for Disease Control will have a say in the process and give their own opinion on the debate as well, giving final approval of the experimental vaccines in the end. 

And if you didn’t already know, the CDC is tweaking hard as fuck. That’s why Black Hammer and the Black Hammer Times are delivering the truth and marching on the CDC on November 22nd!

But more than that, we are gonna be protesting outside of the “health” agencies responsible for the close to a million (recorded) deaths they’ve allowed to happen! 

Join us every Friday leading up to the March On The CDC to take control back from pharmacy giants like Pfizer and Moderna and be part of the Truth Movement! 

Our children deserve so much better and we must deliver for them. One child gone because of COVID is one too many! 

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