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Facebook Exposed Again: Tell Us Something We Don’t Know

A former Facebook employee and whistleblower has “revealed” disturbing information—to put it nicely—on Facebook’s online policies. 

The charges include helping in human trafficking, forcing people to get vaccinated through constant pressure campaigns and the extremely negative effects that social media, particularly Instagram, have on the mental health of teenagers. 

More than this, the spreading “disinformation, hate speech and political unrest” were other crimes they were found guilty of. 

All of this in the name of boostin ad revenues and hooking users onto the app/website for profits. 

The thing is we been knew this shit. This yesterday’s news! 

In fact they have been linked to the Rohingya genocide in Myanmar; that is the power that social media holds in creating divisions between Colonized people and serving white power!

Colonizer and mayo monster zuckerberg on trial for the Cambridge Analytica scandal where the snow roach was charged with a $5B fine

While previously being held on trial for “violating a 2012 consent decree by inappropriately sharing information belonging to 87 million users with British political consulting firm Cambridge Analytica”, he was fined for a small $5 billion and a slap on the wrist.

The fact that one of their own cave becky’s came out to denounce the company proves the wicked conditions Facebook has the poor working class Colonized masses under. 

Strangely enough, following this “bombshell” announcement, Facebook and other social media it owns went down for approximately six hours. It’s PAINFULLY obvious that something ain’t right here and Facebook covering some shit up. 

Using the algorithm to harness the anger and negative energy to create reactionary and counter-revolutionary politics, Facebook has long been perfecting the art of surveillance capitalism. 

We have been transformed into the loot itself for tech giants like mark suckerberg; our own suffering fuels the algorithm and hooks us into a feedback loop of misery. 

The negative feedback loop of social media

Any legislation that would attempt to control this spyware we call social media will never be enough especially after all this damage has been done. 

While young Colonized teenagers are already dealing with the negative psychological effects that come with using social media—such as suicidal thoughts and eating disorders like bulimia due to wanting to assimilate into the beauty standards of white power—the damage has already been done. 

With Black Hammer already having been targeted and banned by suckerberg, the poor working class Colonized masses know Facebook and cave beast colonizer zuckerberg are guilty AS FUCK but these colonial courts will surely drag out the case and give FB the opportunity to pay a little fine like they did last time, getting away with all the harm that they’ve done. 

Only when the poor working class Colonized masses of the world take back their power from white power will Facebook and all the suffering they cause be destroyed. 

Under the dictatorship of poor working class Colonized people, technology will serve us and not the other way around but until then we need help building against monsters like Facebook and the white power system they serve.

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