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Society Do Be Collapsing. Is There Hope? You Bet

By Chief Jucha

It is obvious to any and all poor and working class colonized people that something is free falling right now. Everyday our patience is pushed as we are coerced by liberal media to take an ineffective, so-called “vaccine” or else we risk losing our already menial livelihoods. The colonized masses, the true proletariat (the people that break their backs, and produce the real wealth of society) are increasingly told that the solution to the never ending free fall is to “Jab up” and continue putting their head down as they are forced back to the plantations they call “work” to continue pumping blood into a already dead economy. 

Something doesn’t feel right, something is tumbling out of control and without realizing it, we no longer have any control over its fast descent and can only anticipate its loud shatter and envision the way that we will be picking up its scattered pieces. This “thing” is colonialism.

Colonialism is the current economic, cultural, civilizational basis of the world, it is a ideology and system that only through slavery, genocide and theft, created the conditions for capitalism to arries. It shapes our understanding of who we are and our relation to the planet, in a simple way, colonialism is what oppresses you, the colonized person or so called “person of color”. 

This system has tried to whip you into submission and erase any understanding you had of the world before the white man, and will do everything in its power to stop you from realizing that there WILL be a world without the white man in power, without the savage society that dropped the atomic bomb and arrivied at the shores of the worlds people with genocide and rape. 

The writings are on the wall, this “multi-plural” world has begun. The rise of global anti-colonial unity between the peoples of Asia, Africa, Turtle Island/Pachamama give a glimpse of the future global anti-colonial movement brewing, All the pitiful desperate attempts by the already dead joe biden prove useless in a bureaucratic busted down failed state. 

Collapse of the Economy

Cargo Ships Continue To Multiply Off LA, Long Beach Ports

The cargo ships that have been piling up off the shores of Long Beach show a supply chain that has broken down completely. Among a variety of bureaucratic bottlenecks, lack of employees to off load and transport cargo off the ships has caused huge delays. Meaning you will begin to feel the effects at the local corporate mega grocery store. Items missing from shelves, price of basic necessities going up as inflation continues to rise. 

Let’s not forget, the Covid-19 pandemic has caused unprecedented amounts of unemployment as over 700,000 people have died from the virus. Walk past any store window and you will witness how desperate these companies are for “workers.” 

But surely sleepy joe has been dreaming up a grand plan to “build back better” the united snakes he once knew. But as he’s found, the fractured ruling white bourgeois do not give concessions easily. Pushing their government closer to defaulting on its $28.4tn debt. 

All of this, piling up in an economy that never recovered from the financial crash of 2008, kicking its contradictions down the road, hoping someone, someday will figure it out. It is the result of an incompetent individuals inside a corrupt government and are praying they make it out of the coming collapse with a butt load of money, no one but Allah is steering this ship. 

What is to be Done?

Black Hammer protesting the real rulers of the amerikkkan empire, Big Pharms
Black Hammer protesting the real rulers of the amerikkkan empire, Big Pharma

It’s clear that white power, and its hegemonic power is on the decline. As the u.s. inches closer to its economic collapse, it would be wise for us to understand as Colonized people this is not our downfall, this is not the collapse of our cultures, we have already faced our “apocalypse” 500 years ago. We understand that what lies ahead in the rubble of the united snakes is a new world that is waiting to come to life, the conditions are here.

The rise of global international anti-colonial unity among the peoples of the world shows a sobering view of where the earth is heading, in order for us to stand a chance at surviving the coming climate collapse. Despite the campaign by the bourgeois media to go to war with China, China and the many nations of the world have decided to push ahead on a mutually beneficial development for their people. 

Recently at the 76th session of the UN, The various nations that continue to face difficulties under the boot of white power push back agaisnt the snakes and send a clear message that the peoples of the world are done bowing down, 

“They have done everything to erase the Cuban Revolution from the world’s political map…but our enemies must be clear that we will not surrender the homeland and the revolution.“

Cuban president Miguel Díaz-Canel stated. Along with a host of other rising political leaders from across Pachamama, the revolutionary spirit that has endured the most criminal attacks by the united snakes and their cartel counter revolutionaries for the past 50+ years is proving its strength and connection with the poor colonized masses.

Everything under heaven is in utter chaos; the situation is excellent

Society when the Colonized masses take full control of their lands, lives, labor and recourses. "Ubuntu" by Kirsten Zirngibl
Society when the Colonized masses take full control of their lands, lives, labor and recourses. “Ubuntu” by Kirsten Zirngibl

This is where you, the Colonized person, must break away from the mental chains that colonialism has wrapped you in. These events do not exclude you, whatever your profession, wherever your location, revolution is building and it is your responsibility to take part in building that future. 

Space and Time continue its infinite march forward, much in the same way boiling water gets to a point where it transforms into steam, this society has reached its limits, no longer can this façade of a “democracy” be held together while everything around you collapses. Think of before the pandemic, not many thought it would ever materially affect their day to day lives, nearly two years later we are told to “just live with it”.

Sure it’s easy to give in to the defeatist approach to the collapse of society that many of the petty bourgeoisie and fake revolutionaries have you believing, but Black Hammer has never been about sitting around waiting for someone, somewhere to do something. To be a Hammer is to practice self determination and self governance in all aspects of life. Being a Hammer means being a scientist, using the revolutionary science of our ancestors to prove to the world that we are the only ones who have control over what our lives and futures look like. 

Revolution is action, Gil-Scott Heron makes it clear that the revolution will not be televised, but what does that really mean? It means instead of sitting behind the computer screens and taking in the overwhelming sensory overload that is pushed to you by a corporate algorithm, revolution will take real work, physical, arduous work. Now, to poor working class colonized people, hard work is not new to you. Hard work is what keeps the lights running and your family fed, Black Hammer does not need to teach our people hard work, rather the masses have a lot to teach us, their resilience even through the collapse of society proves that we are not going anywhere, Our future will be built by those that have been at the bottom, these that have everything to gain, and nothing but their colonial chains to lose. Only then will the we see a world where the last are put first and first go last.

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