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Teamwork Makes the Dream Work: Cuba & China’s New Vaccine Project

By Chief G

Cuba has been leading amazing research and development of vaccine and medical treatments for decades. Their healthcare system is one of the best in the world in quality and accessibility to their people despite being under constant attack by colonizer nations like amerikkka through sanctions.

Not only has the u.$. attacked Cuba ever since it gained freedom over the sellout regime of Fulgencio Batista, the u.$. also uses a part of their land as a torture camp.

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, they have worked diligently to protect their population by putting in place protocols and properly developing vaccines by studying the methods they have used in the past—such as how they made their highly effective Hepatitis B vaccine.

Currently, they have developed 4 vaccines against COVID-19; two of which have been approved by their government for emergency use after several months of clinical trials with good results. One of them has now been approved for use on children between 2 and 10 years old.

“Our country would not risk it one bit if it wasn’t for a safe vaccine that proved to have great efficacy in children”’ Aurolis Otaño, director of the Policlínico Universitario Vedado in Cuba, said to the Associated Press Aurolis Otaño.

In light of the highly-contagious Delta variant and many other variants becoming more prominent around the world, Cuba and China have undertaken a new vaccine research project named “Pan-Corona”.

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This project aims for both countries to collectively develop a vaccine that remains effective for all variants of coronaviruses, even beyond the ones that cause the COVID-19 disease.

This collaborative project was initiated by the Chinese government since they acknowledge that the revolutionary island has some of the greatest talent and medical expertise for vaccine research while not having access to many financial and technological resources because of the imperial embargoes placed on the nation by the colonial government of the united snakes.

The idea consists of Cuba providing the highly experienced personnel while China provides the equipment, logistics, technologies, and resources. The vaccine is going to be based on combining parts of coronaviruses that are conserved and not so exposed to variation to generate antibodies, with those aimed at cellular responses.

Cuba and China will work together on the Pan-Corona vaccine vs different strains of SARS-CoV-2 & COVID-19 as a result of agreements between CIGBCuba & China-Cuba Center I+D for Biotech in Yongzhou.
 Photo: Twitter/@Embacubachina

The project is moving forward because both nations recognize that epidemics caused by coronaviruses will continue to be a possibility throughout the years (especially as the earth continues to be exploited and imbalanced by white power around the world).

China and Cuba have yet again demonstrated their brilliant leadership and dedication to protect the masses of Colonized people during this pandemic.

In contrast to how colonial governments throughout the world have failed to handle the COVID-19 pandemic, the unity of both of these revolutionary nations further proves that the brilliance of Colonized people to fiercely protect ourselves is no match to that of colonizer’s desire to destroy.

At Black Hammer, we also work tirelessly to protect Colonized people around the globe against the COVID-19 disease and the new variants of the virus. We have distributed hundreds of thousands of KN95 masks and propagandized our COVID-19 prevention and treatment protocols since last year, and continue to do so every single week out in the streets.

Additionally, our headquarters has been protesting at the CDC in Atlanta every Friday in order to expose their failure to handle the pandemic and to address the concerns that the poor and working class Colonized masses have regarding the poorly-developed colonial vaccines from u.$. manufacturers.

Our other chapters are also going to be going to government health agencies in their cities to protest soon!

Some Fraud Frauci Friday protest locations

We encourage our people to come out with us to march with us at the CDC on November 22nd to expose this colonial institution that historically has not cared about Colonized people’s health and have only used us as subjects for medical experimentation.

And if you want to work with us to research and provide life-saving information about infectious diseases, beyond protesting these white medical institutions, join Black Hammer and the Ministry of People’s Affairs today!

Join at or email us at [email protected].

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