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BLM Leeches Exploit the Revolution…Again

By Chief Oju and Chief Cheem

Perhaps one of the biggest scam artists and counter-revolutionary organizations out there, Black Lives Matter has done so much harm to the anti-colonial movement while stealing millions from the pockets of poor working class Colonized people (people of color). 

Responsible for draining the energy for real change and locking up countless Colonized people, this demokkkrat-backed organization has been at it for too long now.

We told all these fake ass organizations that we were coming for them and now we’ve made our stop with BLM. These sellouts make it too easy. Especially when they pathetically co-opt the work of real revolutionaries, creating movements to continue stealing from the poor working class Colonized people.

Black Hammer protesting at the CDC Headquarters in Atlanta demanding answers about the vaccine.

BLM Demon-crats Stealing Vax Mandate Protests

Black Lives Matter continues to lead our people into the pits of hell of the demokkkratic party and away from revolution today.

Just recently, BLMers from New York just put on a march claiming that we must fight the vaccine mandates and liberal media tried to claim that this march was uniting all kinds of people, even people from the right.

As usual, BLM only came up with the decision to do this by co-opting a movement led by revolutionary poor and working class Colonized people, a movement led by Black Hammer. And they did all this with the help of the demokkkrats and Big Pharma.

Black Hammer has been protesting and marching onto the CDC Headquarters in Atlanta weekly ever since Nicki Minaj came out and said she was going to research these jabs before taking them. Our protests got national and international coverage and millions of interactions across the internet.

Page Six, Insider, NME and more; our protest was in everyone’s mouths so it’s no surprise that the lazy BLM sellouts of New York saw it.

Black Hammer’s protests on the CDC made headlines around the world

All year long, BLM has been SILENT and ASLEEP. They worked so hard to get sleepy joe and copmala harris (joe biden and kamala harris) into office that they went into hibernation.

Snakes like Patrisse Cullors openly pushed these demokkkratic monsters at Colonized people as if voting for our oppressors was revolutionary in any kind of way. With these demons in office, BLM made sure that no protests happened this summer so that the demon-crats didn’t get blamed for any forced reparations (looting) that would’ve happened.

The fight at bourgeois Manhattan restaurant Carmine’s that made goofy BLM turn the vaccine mandate into a simple issue of racism.

So after all this time asleep, why is BLM waking up now to say no to the vaccine mandates?

It’s because they see a REAL revolutionary organization leading our people to a real solution. They took a fight that went down at expensive Carmine’s Restaurant in Manhattan and used that as their launching point to steal the movement of Black Hammer.

If BLM cared so much about vaccine mandates, why did they work so hard to put Sleepy joe in office?

If BLM cared so much about what our people needed, why haven’t they done anything to protect our people from COVID-19? They even did their press conference WITHOUT masks, every single one of them mask-less!

BLM is only out here to feed off of and kill our people. But they will NOT succeed! We will not let them continue to eat off the work and pain of our people anymore!

Used & Abused: BLM Uses Colonized People As Trauma Porn To Sell

To start off, we’re going to see what the parents of those who had their children murdered by pigs think about the organization. 

Mike Brown was murdered in cold blood in Ferguson and the people of Ferguson rose up by rebelling against the white power state.

People from around the country flocked to Missouri to participate in the rebellion. Everyone had their different reasons, but we know for sure that the neocolonial sellouts who arrived were there to see how they can get their bloody claws onto suffering people.

Mike Brown Sr. (right) demanding $20 million in reparations from petit-bou neocolonial sellouts Patrisse Cullors, Opal Tometi, Alicia Garza, and all of BLM.

After the cameras went away, a lot of the people who flocked to Ferguson left since the cameras are how they get their fame. And who was left behind? The African and colonized people of Ferguson, faced with the pigs that remained.

In this time, countless Africans who led the people into the rebellion were murdered and people like Mike Brown Sr., Mike Brown’s father was left to wonder, where did all the donations and resources go? BLM was buying mansions, that’s where it went.

He demanded those resources back and BLM cowered in the corner, throwing little bills to stop the criticism.

The mother of 12-year-old Tamir Rice—who was shot and killed by Cleveland pigs—has plenty to say about BLM.

Samaria Rice organizing for justice for her son Tamir.

After seeing sellout Tamika Mallory at the Grammy Awards during a performance by Lil Baby where they did the typical shallow fight the system theater, Tamir Rice’s mother, Samaria Rice, called her and BLM out on benefitting from the deaths of our people and making bank from murder.

Tamika thought it was best to shoot back at a grieving African mother and defend her history as a sellout neocolonial activist with lame receipts like the Women’s March. But Samaria was and IS right; Tamika was spotted in a Cadillac commercial right after the beef died down.

Sellout leech Tamika Mallory in her KKKadlliac commercial.

BLM and their demon-crat friends of all colors eat away at the poor and working class Colonized people every chance they get and today we see that when it comes to fighting the vaccine mandates.

How can anyone trust BLM with this fight when they’ve done our people THIS dirty?

Black Hammer outside the CDC for #FraudFauciFriday in Atlanta.

Instead you should join Black Hammer every Friday for our #FraudFauciFriday protests at the CDC Headquarters for Atlanta to be where the revolutionaries are at and not where the BLM demokkkrat puppets and leeches are.

At our protests we bring together all people who are done with this government telling us that we have a “choice” between a vaccine or eating. We are DONE with this system telling us what we can do with our bodies. We want dictatorship (control) over our lives and it starts HERE by saying NO to the vaccine mandates!

The vanguard is here to stay and BLM can go slither away into the laps of sleepy joe and copmala when we win our freedom!

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