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Not So Cold War: AUKUS & China’s “Influence”

As China continues its path of uniting with Colonized nations worldwide while leaving the united snakkkes in the dust, cold war tensions continue to rise with a new agreement between the united dingdom, u.$. and australia being created. 

Called AUKUS, the program’s goal is to curb “potential aggression” from the People’s Republic of China through the use of nuclear powered submarines and to keep “peace and stability” within the region.

This imaginary aggression is the boogie man the u.$. needs as an excuse in order to go to war with China. 

The “peace and stability” is code for looting the labor, lands, lives and resources of the poor working class Colonized peoples of the region. 

With the Indo-Pacific region having been a goldmine for colonizer nations to exploit for their natural resources and cheap labor via poor working class Colonized people for centuries, much is at stake for the colonial empire. 

But it looks like the pact between these three colonizer nations has hurt france’s feelings, salty as fuck that they were left out of the agreement calling it a “betrayal.”

While the u.$. and colonizer nations like france have only exploited Colonized nations within the Indo-Pacific region, countries like China continue to prove to the world that Colonized unity can overcome any contradiction or problem.

Medical supplies being delivered to Malaysia from China to help fight the COVID-19 pandemic

Despite being one of China’s biggest trade partners the backward savages from australia turned their backs on China, choosing instead to shoot themselves in the foot.

North Korea has called out the double standards and colonizer behavior noting that not even amerikkka’s allies are safe from getting “stabbed in the back.”

Salty little france crying about not being including in the New Cold War on China

While the tensions of the new Cold War continue, we must unite not just with the struggles of our Colonized siblings over in China but with the Colonized masses of the world who would also be affected by this new attempt by the white power empire to maintain its power. 

The Colonized poor working class within the united snakkkes gotta raise hell within the belly of the beast, not fight for crumbs like free public transportation or imaginary fairy tales like community control of the klan (“community control of the police”). It’s time to build cause this wack ass system crumbling fast.

NOT fight for a minimum wage.

So join the vanguard in creating a world where no one lives at the expense of another.

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