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Sellout AOC Dropping Jaws and Dropping Bombs

By Chief Cheem and Chief Oju

Maybe one of the greatest examples of liberalism and sellouts that obey white power, alexandria ocasio cortez has peaked in liberalism with a fake gesture of progressiveness towards the Colonized poor working class masses. 

Wearing a white dress (who knows how much that costed) with red lettering that spelled “Tax The Rich”, the sellout aoc strutted her decrepit self across the red carpet, trying to single herself out as different than everyone else at the Met Gala. Other colonizer and neocolonial sellout celebrities had outfits that flared up a conversation, but aoc’s outfit became the centerpiece.

aoc’s dress said “Tax the Rich” and quickly became the most mocked outfit of the gala.

The Met Gala is an event for rich colonizer mayo monkeys and sellouts alike to get together to show off their thousand dollar costumes and fund the Costume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, a place where pieces of art and objects from across the Colonized world are kept hostage by the likes of british biscuit anna wintour. Tickets are said to be anywhere from $35,000 apiece with tables going for as much as $300,000. The hypocrisy is blinding at this point—aoc wants to to tax the rich…you ARE the rich girl!

Voting to increase funding for the Department of Homeland Security—the very department that is in charge of border patrol pigs and ICE—liberals like her continue to ignore the CLEAR AS DAY actions this wench is taking in order to continue the looting of Colonized nations, resources, lands and lives.

For example, this sellout is supporting the continued theft of Palestinian land and the genocide of Palestinian people in so-called isnt’real. Recently, a vote was put up to Congress to see if the united snakkkes could send over $1 billion to isnt’real so they could build up their military power.

The Iron Dome is the name given to isn’treal’s military defenses that is responsible for murdering Palestinian families every day and is supported by nearly all colonial powers around the world. AOC first voted no to the bill but then at the last minute changed her vote to drop bombs on Colonized children.

Overwhelmed by how much of a sellout she is, she broke down in tears and was quick to get out a tissue. Too bad the families she’s bombing are going to need more than a tissue to clean up the blood that will be spilled.

aoc is used to shedding crocodile tears while voting for the death of Colonized people around the world.

While being hailed as a token of progressive colonial politics, in the end, aoc has sold out and became an imperialist neocolonial sellout ass hoe for white power after using and disposing the working class people that voted her into power in the first place. 

That is why Black Hammer has always stood firm in our stance around voting for these sellouts that want to participate with the white power state; we cannot acknowledge the white power system that was built off of the genocide of Colonized people worldwide.

There is not one corner of the planet that the filthy bleach demon colonizers haven’t touched and colonized. Let us come together today as the poor and working class colonized people of the world and not say, “Tax the rich,” but instead say, “LAND BACK!”

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