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Haitian Migrants Whipped On Horseback While Trapped

With Haiti in turmoil from the internal contradictions caused by sellout politicians kissing up to white power, border patrol pigs are whipping Haitian migrants fleeing the mess the united snakkkes made back home.

Wearing cowboy hats to pay respects to the colonizers that came before them, these pigs continue their legacy in the name of white power colonialism. 

The influx of migrants is being blamed on the “poorest nation”, ignoring the fact that centuries of neocolonialism and literal terrorism from amerikkka have left Haiti in chaos.

Around 15,000 Haitian refugees are being held in horrid conditions in Del Rio, Texas, as they await their forced deportation by the united snakkkes.

While the White House (hint, hint: white) “criticized” the use of horses and whips, this is their typical behavior and has been ever since the filthy cave beasts got here. 

In order to get water, victims of the white power state—some of which have children as young as 3 with them—are forced to risk getting whipped as they attempt to break out and cross the river towards Mexico.

Mexico is refusing to take in any of the refugees while only accepting the Indigenous people fleeing the terror at home (of course caused by centuries of colonialism) from “central” amerikkka.

Photo from AP News

Taking this route of course shows Mexico to be a sellout state while also breaking Black Hammer’s 2nd Principle of Unity which states Colonized people we are equal, creating division between Colonized nations instead. 

Nothing has changd in the past 600+ years as colonialism gave way to neocolonialism and nowhere is it more present in the case of Haitian migrants being whipped by colonizer/sellout border patrol pigs alike.

Whether the pig (military, border patrol or city pig) is a colonizer or not, they serve the interests of white power . We will never have community control of the klan or other colonial institutions

How long will it be before we as Colonized people unite and storm the border and help out our fellow Colonized siblings? Not long if you help build power for the poor working class Colonized masses of the world. 

From the scalping of the Indigenous peoples of Turtle Island (north amerikkka) to the now present day whipping of poor working class Haitians, colonialism knows no mercy. 

The unity of Colonized people will overcome any struggle that we face and the collective brilliance of us all can tackle whatever problem comes our way; now all that’s left is for you to build with us a world where no one lives at the expense of another.  ​

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