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The Attica Rebellion & Massacre: 50 Years Later

​Today we remember the 50th anniversary of the Attica Rebellion and massacre which took place on September 13, 1971 where the white power state massacred 39 people; of those 39 killed, 29 were inmates fighting for better living conditions.

To understand the stiuation, we need to look at the horrid living conditions forced upon Colonized inmates. Around two-thirds of the population were either Indigenous (“hispanic”) or African who lived in cramped cells, ate poisonous food, had little to no access to health care and barely any recreational activities.

Inside of Attica prison

The prison guard pigs, who were all white, took part in extreme abuse, even calling the batons which they used to beat inmates n*gger sticks.

September 8, 1971 is when correctional guard pigs “disciplined” two inmates, sparking a protest that turned into a “riot.” It was here when the prisoners took hostages and tried to negotiate their demands, one of which was complete amnesty.

Poor working class Colonized inmates rising up

After days of negotiations, at the order of NY governor Nelson Rockefeller, guard pigs were given the green light to take back the prison by any means, killing 39 total and injuring 90. The cave beasts didn’t even spare the hostages.

But it gets even more fucked up. The colonial news outlets working hand-in-hand with the white power state lied to the Colonized masses about what went down that day.

Framing Colonized inmates fighting for a better cage to live in as natural murderers, they said the inmates slashed the throats of the hostages.

Shit gets even more wild: A county medical examiner announced that all 8 cases died from gunshot wounds, in reference to the deaths of the hostages saying “there was no evidence of slashed throats. There was one single cut in the back of one of the necks.”

Those that say the prisoner deserved their fate believe in the fantasy that colonialism sells us (bad people belong in prison cause they’re bad). It is the gruesome cages colonialism has created for us from birth (trapped working 40+ hours, the miseducation system) that cause the problems we see today in our hoods and communities.

The white power state will always do everything in its power to kill any revolutionary movements led by Colonized people and that’s exactly what was occuring on September 13, 1971, going so far as killing those that work FOR them (the prison guard pigs) to fulfill their basic task; to steal the resources, labor, land and lives of Colonized people.

The white power state dropping a bomb and burning an entire block where at least five children were killed as they targeted the revolutionary MOVE organization

That’s why we can never reform the prison system and neither can we abolish prisons as we know them until colonialism is dead. And you best believe that shit is dying.

So what you gonna do during white power’s dying days; fight back and build for the billions of Colonizd people worldwide or continue working on that plantation as our people suffer?

Pretty soon that first choice is gonna be the only one so might as well start now and be the leader your hood needs!

Land Back ​

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