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Black Hammer Organization Exposes a Fed: Mouhamadou Ahmed Diagne

By Black Hammer Times

Every anti-colonial revolutionary movement produces or reveals people who want to stop the masses from getting their freedom. These can be the colonizers whose lives depend on our enslavement and it can be the neocolonial sellouts–the people who look like us that ain’t about us–that try to stop our work. Black Hammer Times has just recently uncovered a fed that was working within the organization to undermine and destroy the work our comrades put their entire lives into. BHT has received from an anonymous source an array of information that led us to this conclusion: Mouhamadou Ahmed Diagne is a fed.

Mouhamadou Ahmed Diagne was a former member of the Black Hammer Organization who abandoned their position and the poor and working class colonized masses in late 2020. During his time in the organization he held an array of positions in which members have expressed their frustration with his leadership and how much the work stalled. No overturning of contradictions. Nothing. This would peak in late 2020 when Mouhamadou, as the new Minister of Defense of the entire organization, was responsible for organizing a mission in which comrades had to drive a long distance. Mouhamadou did not do any defense preparation for the trip, such as giving the number of the burner phone to the person coordinating in the air for the group; he didn’t explain the rules of the road to comrades driving; and he planned rest stops in very isolated locations. At one point in the trip, a comrade was driving and a pig pulled them over in the middle of nowhere. The comrade was almost arrested while Mouhamadou slept in the back of the car he was traveling in. When both the comrade and Mouhamadou were confronted with criticisms, the comrade united to the method of overturning it. However, Mouhamadou refused to face their issues and threatened to leave. He did leave and walked out alone. When other comrades went to search for him to see if he was okay, they saw Mouhamadou take a phone out of a fanny pack and leave for good.

Now this was very alarming because not only were comrades required to leave their personal phones at home and only use the burner phone, but also because the phone Mouhamadou pulled out of the fanny pack was in fact an additional secret phone that no one on the mission knew about. It was confirmed while continuing the mission that the phone Mouhamadou claimed as their personal phone was still at home. So what was this extra phone about? Where did it come from? Who did he call? Here are the receipts to show that Mouhamadou has connections with the colonial state he more than likely has on speed dial:

A letter to Mouhamadou from the united snakkkes department of state discussing payroll and payment.

This letter is from the U.S. Department of State indicating that Mouhamadou received payment and even overpayment being on the payroll of the united snakkkes government. 

This would not be the only communication that Mouhamadou would have with the united snakkkes state department. In these email communications, Mouhamadou would directly communicate with the government in an attempt to prove that they were not overpaid and that they in fact deserved the money paid to them. This willingness to continue communication with the government while doing their organizing in the African People’s Socialist Party where he met Gazi Kodzo is disgusting behavior. Revolutionaries don’t communicate directly with the colonial united snakkkes government only feds do. Revolutionaries aren’t on American Payroll, feds are. Mouhamadou got paid.

Email correspondence between Mouhamadou and the united snakkkes federal govt.

These are emails exchanged between Mouhamadou and the united snakkkes state department.

Mouhamadou’s employment under the united snakkkes state department reveals further suspicions about who Mouhamadou really is. For one, Mouhamadou was born according to documents from the anonymous source on September 10, 1996. That would mean that Mouhamadou was on federal payroll at 15 years old? More fed lies.

In addition to Mouhamadou’s own connections to the government there are connections that are within his family as well. Not just any part of his family–his mother and father.

Mouhamadou’s mother is Andrea Wojnar Diagne who currently works for the United Nations, one of the most notoriously imperialist agencies to be made in the 20th century. She works to make sure that the colonizer stays embedded in Mozambique. Prior to this, she worked hard to make sure that the colonizer was infiltrating the nation of Nepal by running the Peace Corps program located there. The Peace Corps program in Nepal was reestablished under her leadership in 2012 after being put on hiatus in 2004, so she was responsible for and paid to get the colonizer back into Nepal. Black Hammer Times has proof Mouhamadou has spent considerable time throughout his life in Senegal, Tanzania and Kenya as well. What does his family want to do with Africa? Why do they work so hard to keep the white man there?

Mouhamadou’s father’s line is a very well known family in Senegal, the Diagne family. How well known? Mouhamadou’s great-grandfather is Blaise Diagne, a Senegalese politician who became the first African person elected into the French government and became the eventual mayor of Dakar, Senegal’s capital. Blaise Diagne was very adamant that his people adopt French customs and language. He was a full-blown neocolonial sellout, working for the colonizing government and advocating for the integration of Africans into French culture. He was so deep into selling out his people that the sellouts that came after him named Dakar’s airport–the biggest airport in the country–after him. His family continued to do more African firsts, like having the first African on a French soccer team. The desire to stick so close to the colonizer is clearly genetic and Mouhamadou is no exception.

Further evidence of Mouhamadou being on the united snakkkes payroll.

Recently, Mouhamadou appeared with other sellout ex-members in photos targeting Black Hammer. This is after months of (public) inactivity after exiting the organization. Feds always seek out opportunities to further undermine the work of revolutionaries and it is no surprise that Mouhamadou is taking advantage of the current class struggle and war Black Hammer is engaged in in order to sow further division. This is also apparent in that Mouhamadou created a Clubhouse chat room for current members and ex-members to spread gossip about the organization and create confusion and division. His collaborators are in the pictures below, knowingly facilitating the growth of this chat room while still in the organization and as leadership within the organization. Do not let the methods of feds fool you. They will appear suddenly as Mouhamadou did to take advantage and manipulate the people.

Feds are not done with the Black Hammer Organization. We have to be dialectical and realize that the work being done by Black Hammer on the ground and even in the air is a threat to colonialism. If it wasn’t, they wouldn’t work so hard to prevent us from fundraising. If it wasn’t, they wouldn’t work so hard to create and disseminate slander. If it wasn’t, they wouldn’t send feds like Mouhamadou Ahmed Diagne. But we must remember the victories we have and realize that we have the capacity to identify feds now, which is only easier to do after the mass class struggle we had that washed out petit bourgeois people out of the organization. The work will continue and we will continue to win! Land back!

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