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Hammers Will Win the Battle Against Subjectivity

By Secretary General Tiger

It has been almost two months since we began this war against petit bou (sellout) worms who have infiltrated the organization. We have proven through our work that we are MORE capable of serving the masses since shedding this dead weight. But this does not mean we have no harsh lessons to learn.

The same feds who have been alerting Fox News and NewsMax about us are the same feds infiltrating the org, trying to take us down from the inside. They had no weapon strong enough to take us down from the outside, so they had to attack us from the inside. Both inside the organization and inside our own heads!

“Former” FBI and CIA agents discussing Black Hammer on colonial news media.

It’s time to develop a healthy skepticism of everyone we come into contact with, in and out of the organization, no matter who they claim to be, or who you think they are. They must not be allowed to sow doubt, distrust, resentment, depression, and so many other types of rot toward the poor and working class masses and the work we do to serve them. We must remember our best weapons against the rot: democratic centralism, dialectical materialism, and militant unity.

When you see a twinkle, an ounce, a shard of disunity in your Comrade, report it to your leadership and to Defense. If someone is trying to get you to care more about your feelings than the needs of the colonized masses, criticize them openly and harshly. When the feds use psychological warfare, steel yourself with the objective wins of the organization.

This militancy is the experience we need to win this war. We should remind ourselves, this infiltration will be the last time the feds will try psychological warfare before they try actual warfare. It is better to get militant now, while our enemy is weak and defeated, then when he is knocking on our door.

Never forget that we are winning, Comrades! Because our enemies are gagging over these wins. So onward until final victory!

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You can also submit your work to us, and as long as it unites with our 4 Principles of Unity, you will see your writing published on all of our platforms.

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