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What’s Next For The Taliban & Afghanistan?

With the last u.$. Military pig leaving Afghanistan earlier on in the week, imperialist propaganda calling for colonizers to invade again is skyrocketing. 

But have the colonizer bleach demons really stopped terrorizing the Afghani people?

They never ended their failed war—which they can’t admit they LOST—since just a week ago, 10 Colonized poor working class civilians were killed in a drone strike. 

As with many drone strikes, some of the victims were children; the youngest victim is reported to be a 2-year-old girl.

One of the victims of the united snakkkes drone strike

Despite this news and the refusal to acknowledge the new Taliban government by the u.$., the Taliban has declared total control of Afghanistan even after the National Resistance Front—a group that fought off both the Soviets and Taliban earlier in the 80s and 90s located in the Panjshir region—claimed otherwise.

Nothing will stop the death of the largest and last empire to exist, especially not a failed “resistance” group that was funded by the u.$. like the NRF.

Colonized unity will only grow stronger and the poor working class Colonized masses will have dictatorship over their lives, labor, resources and nations once more! 

The ancient Silk Road that connected Colonized nations like never before

An ancient trading route established, famously known as the Silk Road, will finally come to life again and allow for the Colonized world to strengthen economic ties, unity and relationships in general.

The Taliban has already established unity with the People’s Republic of China as they discuss their future in building a new world for the Colonized masses.

Afghanistan and all of West Asia will play important parts to take the entire Asian region back from the colonizers.

The poor working class Colonized masses will have their land back

That day will come sooner with your help and though the empire is in collapse, it’s not afraid to try and take us down with it so build for your people today! 

Whether it takes 20 years like it did for the Taliban, we will fight the colonizer and their white power propaganda for as long as needed to inform and liberate the Colonized masses. 

Land Back!

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