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Hammers On The Way To Help Hurricane Ida Victims!

By The Black Hammer Organization

Land back Hammers and Supporters!

Hurricane Ida is moving up the gulf of Mexico, hiting Louisiana and continuing northeast.

Hurricane Ida is currently in the Gulf of Mexico and is heading towards Louisianna where it’ll hit as an expected Category 4 Hurricane, making it bigger than Katrina which was at a category 3 when it hit Louisiana. It’s possible that this storm will see sustained wind speeds of up to 130 mph. This makes it the strongest hurricane the state has seen since the 1850’s, according to state officals.

Black Hammer Organization and BH Atlanta Chapter are organizing to travel to Louisiana with relief supplies to rescue and support the colonized people there during this time. Donate to support relief efforts on Cash App $BHATLANTA and Venmo @BHATLANTA

Due to the severity of Hurricane Ida, we ask that if you are in any of the areas highlited in the area above, that you evacuate, even if it’s just to camp in a place that is not within the path of the storm. We know white power infrastructure is weak and we cannot trust our lives to it.

How Black Hammer is helping:

  • Currently the Atlanta chapter of Black Hammer is organizing a caravan to Louisiana to offer help to and rescue comrades and family members affected. Support our relief efforts by donating to Cash App $BHATLANTA or Venmo @BHATLANTA
  • Black Hammer is organizing all offices to put our full power on serving colonized people affected by Hurricane Ida.
  • If you or a loved one are stuck in Lousiana and need help, please reach out to [email protected] ASAP!


We need to purchase at least $5000 worth of supplies for these relief efforts- including water, food, medicine, bandages and first aid, a truck to carry the supplies, etc. Every donation, every $1 will help avert the crisis our people in Louisiana are facing.

What can you do to prepare:

1. Leading up to the Hurricane, you should:

  • Listen to the news/radio for evacuation notices and hurricane updates.
  • Stock up on essential items like food, water, any medication needed.
  • Prep your home for the hurricane.

2. How to prepare your home for a hurricane:

  • Keep supplies handy.
    Dedicate storage for a three-day supply of water, dried or canned foods, and other essentials.
  • Back up Power
    If you can, purchase a generator or power banks to charge your communication devices. If you are able to purchase a generator, ONLY RUN IT OUTDOORS. Carbon Monoxide is produced and is deadly but can’t be seen or smelled.
  • Unplug electronics – even if you have a surge protector.
    This is the best protection against surge-related damage.
  • Check for leaks.
    Check doors, windows, and walls, such as areas where cables and pipes enter, for openings that could allow water to penetrate.
  • Prepare for long-term outages.
    Consider purchasing a generator. It doesn’t have to be the pricey, whole-house version. Even one that’s big enough to run a refrigerator and plug in a few essentials can really make life easier. Consider what you can’t live without if you were to be without electricity for a few days – such as a sump pump or well pump – and select a model that best fits your needs.
  • Trim trees and shrubbery.
    Trim back any branches touching your home. If they rub your roof, they could pull parts of it off in a storm. Keep trees well pruned to allow wind to pass through with minimal damage and debris. Consider re-grading (raising the soil level) around trees to strengthen the ground and give roots something to cling to.
  • Clean gutters.
    This could prevent potential roof damage and flooding inside your home.
  • Clear clutter.
    Prevent items from flying off. Get rid of items you are no longer using, which can turn into projectiles. Bring lightweight outdoor items such as patio furniture, plants, toys, and trashcans inside.
  • Secure your home.
    Highly recommended: window shutters (not the pretty ones – the ones that protect your glass), roof clips (to hold your roof on – it is NOT too heavy to fly away), and garage door braces (to keep your garage door from blowing away). Anchor fuel tanks as well.
  • Cover your air conditioner
    You may also want to protect your outdoor air conditioning unit against airborne debris and projectiles, which can lodge in your unit and cause damage. Moore recommends a manufacturer-approved protective cover and warns against using a do-it-yourself solution such as a tarp or garbage bag, which could void your warranty and trap moisture inside.
  • Stock up on plywood
    Plywood is an affordable solution to protect windows without shutters from airborne projectiles. You can stock up on plywood to prepare for the next storm.
  • Check your sump pump
    The sump pump in your basement works to keep your basement or crawl space from flooding. Before any major storms, you should make sure it’s operating correctly. Any debris should be cleared from the pump to prevent clogging.

Again, we do highly recommend that you and your loved ones are not in the path of the storm while it hits but if you cannot evacuate for any reason, following the tips above will help keep you safe. If you’d like to evacuate but aren’t able to, contact us at [email protected]

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