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Chief Rohan’s Horrific Experiences At The Catawba House

By The Black Hammer Organization

Land back, Comrades and Black Hammer Supporters. We are writing this email after conducting a thorough investigation on Chief Rohan’s experiences in Catawba House, which was the North Carolina chapter’s “Hammer house”. We learned about the abuse towards our Chief Rohan recently, just as Gabrielle Middlebrooks “Ade”, Taylor Cook “Suh”, Evelyn Haynes “Eevee” and Shavonnie Verveer “Savvy”—all occupants of the Catawba House—abruptly left the organization when it was informed to them that a complaint was raised of them by Chief Rohan. They have since spread lies about Chief Rohan and the Organization. The findings from this investigation will expose the truth.

In this email, we will be detailing the abusive acts and attaching screenshots and pictures as proof. There are a lot of pictures however, so we will also be including links where you can see and read more supporting evidence.

Physical abuse

The members of the house physically abused and manhandled Chief Rohan. Rohan has specific accounts of NC Chapter outreaches, when members of the house dragged him by the arm repeatedly. In another instance, he was made to stand outside the Hammer House in the hot sun. They did this knowing that heat triggers Rohan’s seizures.

Recently, Shavonnie threatened him with physical harm, by exposing Rohan’s location and other information to his abusive ex-foster parent.

Chief Rohan has scars all over his body from the treatment he recieved at the Catawba House. More images of the scars are linked HERE

Financial exploitation

The Catawba house constantly extracted money from Chief Rohan for their own personal desires and demands. Rohan is a poor and working class comrade and for petty bourgeois individuals who are PhD candidates to steal money from him is DISGUSTING. 

They also used Rohan’s money and the North Carolina chapter’s money to purchase marijuana from a white man. Chapter funds which were supposed to go towards purchasing food, clothing and masks from colonized homeless and poor people.

They did not delete Rohan’s Card Information, but continued to use it without his consent. They also hacked into and took control of Rohan’s Cash App to steal even more money from Chief Rohan. Chief Rohan was unable to get access and finally had to disable his account. This was all money that Chief Rohan either saved up from working at Starbucks or donations he received from a Black and Brown Queer organization that donated it to him.

Further screenshots proving this exploitation are linked HERE
In the image below, they are using $400 in Chapter money to purchase marijuana. They refer to the weed seller as a “florist”

Exploiting Rohan’s Labor

The comrades in the house literally treated Rohan like a slave. He was supposed to be at their beck and call, otherwise he would be a target of more physical abuse. They asked him to get them water, cook for them, clean for them, do their laundry- treating him like a slave rather than their comrade in revolution.

Looking through all the demands they made from him, its surprising and astounding that Chief Rohan had any time for his Black Hammer work. And he clearly didn’t have any time for himself!

More screenshots of such abuse are attached HERE

This barely scratches the surface of the abuse our Chief and comrade Rohan had to go through. We are constantly discovering more horrifying stories of this abuse. Chief Rohan plans to release a video going in more detail. Currently The Org is focused on Rohan’s physical and mental health. We have been able to find Chief Rohan a kind personal Doctor, medication, housing, resources, and real comrades. Chief Rohan says they welcome anyone willing to reach out at this time via Telegram.

We would like to end this heartbreaking email with a quote from Chief Rohan himself:

“I experienced a lot of abuse and like, it was difficult for me to tell the difference between what was the organization and what wasn’t. Because I was in what was supposed to be a Hammer House within the organization but I felt love doing work for the people and I felt abuse in that house. So, I was able to tell the difference between my love for the people, my love for the revolution, my love for the organization. And it was a difference between that and just the petty boug filth that was that house”

Our Wonderful Chief Rohan, Chief of International Economic Development

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  1. These petty-boo monsters will have their day ? Revolutionary love and power to our resilient Chief Rohan! Land Back! ✊?? #TOUCH1TOUCHALL


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