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The California Chapter Invites You To The Chill Drill!

By Chief Cheem

The California Chapter of the Black Hammer Organization will be having an event this September 4th in the city of Compton! 

The Chill Drill will be a safety workshop for not just the new delta variant of C*VID but a safety workshop for all the hazards that California is currently facing. 

The west coast as a whole is also going through one of the worst droughts in history and our Colonized communities will need info on what they need to prepare. 

As California continues to experience wildfires that grow larger each year, we need to teach our communities and equip them with the tools to keep them and their families safe. 

Though KN95 masks protect against C*VID better than these jabs, not a lot of people know they protect against wildfire smoke and unhealthy air quality as well! 

Cali Hammers passing out masks

A study from the Scripps Institution of Oceanography at UC San Diego found that smoke from fires becomes nearly four times more toxic the farther it travels because of a chemical reaction that occurs in the atmosphere. Doctors say one simple way to protect yourself is by wearing an N-95 mask.

CBS News

We will also be having raffles for those that attend along with other fun activities for the community to enjoy. 

From vendors to music, you name it!  On top of all that, we will also be giving out free food and free clothing!

We want to shout out our comrades that will be hosting us in their event space which is used for other community events in the city of Compton as well; Peace of Mind Compton! 

Now more than ever do our communities need to unite and recognize that it will be them that will transform their neighborhoods. 

So come chill with us on September 4th for this lifesaving workshop and find out how you can be a leader in your community while having fun at the same time!

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You can also submit your work to us, and as long as it unites with our 4 Principles of Unity, you will see your writing published on all of our platforms.

We are also looking for donations to solve the water crisis in amerikkka which continues to take the lives of innocents to this day. Donate to our Science and Technology Committee CashApp at $BHOSCITECH so that we can provide clean water to Colonized communities worldwide!

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