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Happy Black August Afeni Shakur!

By Chief Cheem & Social Media Staff

For today’s Black August article we celebrate the one and only Afeni Shakur, mother of rap legend Tupac Shakur

Born on January 10, 1947,  in North Carolina, she was brought up in the hell that is colonialism. Fleeing with her mother and sister from an abusive father that would beat her mother, she would arrive in Bronx, New York City.

Despite struggling with drug addiction from a young age, she joined the Black Power movement in 1964, becoming a revolutionary journalist and writing for the Panther Post—the Black Panther Party’s newsletter. 

“[They] took my rage and channeled it. They educated my mind and gave me direction.”

Afeni Shakur on joining the BPP

Shakur would be arrested along with 20 other Panthers—becoming known as the Panther 21 Trial—was released in 1970, would become pregnant shortly after by Wiliam Garland only to have her bail revoked and returned to jail to wait for trial.

Perhaps her greatest moment showing off the Colonized brilliance we all have, she successfully defended herself against the colonial injustice system when she was arrested in 1971 for bullsh*t charges from the white power state. 

Afeni was pregnant during the trial, raised bail funds for the Panthers, represented herself within court and successfully cross-examined witnesses, leading to the acquittal of the Panther 21 even though she herself spent two years in jail!

On June 16th, 1971, a West Coast music favorite would be born—Tupac Amaru Shakur—and instilled within him that same love for liberation of their people

Tupac and Afeni together

She would again battle against addiction during the CIA-fueled crack epidemic of the 80s, moving to Marin County, California in an attempt to drop the habit. 

As part of the COINTELPRO CIA program to destroy the African Revolution of the 1960s, we recognize how her addiction is rooted in colonialism and the colonizer’s attempt to sabotage ALL Colonized people. 

The CIA’s Counter Intelligence Program which sought to destroy Colonized communities and any revolutionary organizations within them

After the murder of her son, Afeni would go on to use her son’s estate to create a charity organization—The Tupac Amaru Foundation for the Arts. It provided a day camp for children, scholarships, grants for young artists and much more. 

Black Hammer and Black Hammer Times salute the revolutionary journalism and work Afeni Shakur accomplished in her life as well as the struggles she was able to overcome! 

We salute Afeni on her accomplishments for ensuring that the world knows that African and Colonized poor and working class people must be kept away from these disgusting colonial prisons and for showing that by tapping into one’s own Colonized brilliance, you can truly get far in life.

Follow in the footsteps of your revolutionary ancestors and become a Hammer today! Picking up where Afeni left off, Black Hammer continues to fight for the liberation of all Colonized people and in their fight to take the land back.

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