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Happy Black August George Jackson!

By Chief Cheem

Today we celebrate the life of revolutionary George L. Jackson, one of the three “Soledad Brothers” and member of the Black Panther Party.

Accused of stealing $70 from a gas station in Los Angeles, he was sentenced to a minimum of 1 year to life in prison despite evidence of his innocence. 

In his first year of prison, George Jackson was able to study up on revolutionary ancestors like Mao Zedong, Marcus Garvey and Ho Chi Minh, politically educating and steeling himself. He endured years of solitary confinement but was able to withstand the torture through his political education.

He organized despite being locked up and created the Black Guerilla Family in 1966 which was made up of prisoners and promoted self-determination of Africans but recognized that all Colonized people needed to rise up against their oppressor.

August 21, 1971, also marks the murder of George Jackson by prison guard pigs during an attempted escape from the San Quentin prison in a setup. 

Leading up to this, on January 13, 1970, Soledad State Prison guard pigs watched from their towers as they released both the African prisoners and colonizer cave beasts from the Aryan Brotherhood gang out into a recreational yard where bleach demon O.G. Miller shot Cleveland Edward, Alvin Miller and W.L. Nolen. 

Three days later it was ruled that the colonizer was “justified” in his murders and shortly after, a guard was pushed off an upper level of the concentration camp to his death. 

With no evidence, the white power system charged George Jackson, Fleeta Drumgo, and John Cutchette; these three became known as the Soledad Brothers. 

George’s younger brother, Jonathon, would attempt to save his older brother from certain death and raided the Marin County Hall of injustice, taking hostages and demanding the freedom of three Soledad Brothers but would in the end be murdered by the white power state as well. 

As the Vanguard revolutionary organization of today, Black Hammer recognizes that we must preserve ourselves to see our struggle to the very end and ensure the liberation of the Colonized masses, learning from our revolutionary ancestors like Jonathon Jackson. 

Black Hammer salutes George Jackson and his younger brother Jonathon who were revolutionaries that fought back against the colonial white power system till the very end. 

George Jackson with dragons behind him in reference to Ho Chi Minh’s political education

You can find the writings of George Jackson and get some political education in our virtual library here!

We salute the completely unshakeable will, hatred for the colonial system and love for Colonized people worldwide George carried; all characteristics of a true revolutionary.

Land Back!



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