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EXCLUSIVE Interview With Survivors of The Sevananda Trap

The Black Hammer Organization has taken action after finding an alleged predator and serial rapist, michel trappier, who works at a natural foods store in Atlanta called Sevananda

With over 100 victims he has abused over the course of 11 years, he knowingly infects his victims with STDs/STIs, removes his condom during sex without telling the victims, and has threatened/abused victims that come forward to tell their stories. 

Today, we sit down with three brave survivors and ask them questions about the situation.

The illegal settler colony we know as amerikkka has taught Colonized people the vile behavior of colonizers who raped and pillaged the land and its people. What was your immediate reaction when you saw the list of everyone on the serial rapist’s phone, categorized by preference/fetish?

Okay, my initial response to seeing potential victims and survivors, listed on mike trapp’s phone by preference and fetish was shock and disbelief, but the reason why I even went through his phone was because a month prior he notified us he had somebody pregnant. And he didn’t know they were pregnant. This person pulled up on his job and wasn’t the person he led me to believe. In all that confusion I needed answers. I’m like, How can you guide me to believe it was somebody else getting pregnant? If this person, this other person didn’t show up, I would have been believing that somebody else was pregnant and finding that information now, I need even more, you’re not, he’s not being forthcoming not being truthful, so I took it upon myself on my birthday night to go through his phone and figure out who and what is going on. So I went and I saw messages from the person that is actually pregnant, that he has known about this pregnancy way before our involvement. But he told us that he only found out seven months after her being pregnant. Looking at this phone in the middle of the night on my birthday, and seeing this, I can’t believe it, I can’t believe this. I continue to just scroll through the list of names and numbers, and just wrote stuff down and collected that data. And then after that, I just took that information and kept it to myself, because I know he wasn’t going to be truthful and forthcoming the next time I’m at his house. I’m confirming everything. I’m looking at receipts from Sevananda, looking at flyers health things and brochures and he’s got numbers written down, and names and things of that nature. And it’s just putting it all together; there’s over 100 people that I can see now, but who I really don’t know how far back it goes but all I know is, I can’t believe I’m in something this huge. There’s over 100 people that this man has been interacting with preying on talking texting calling, meeting up with…all the while keeping this relationship, or with whatever he had with us…I just can’t believe it. I talked to this man every day at his house, every other day, and he managed to juggle all of this. Here we are today…I’ve been trying to reach out folks.

Okay, so when I saw the list for the very first time I was honestly in shock, simply because michael trappier had portrayed himself as this gentle, sweet, loving and caring man who wouldn’t put anybody’s life in harm’s way unless they would have done something to harm him or the people he loved, so honestly I was shocked, but I’m not gonna say that I didn’t believe it. Just simply because I know humans are capable of anything and though someone may portray themselves as this nice loving person they could be someone else to somebody else. So, as soon as I even got in contact with, you know, other survivors I immediately believed them because I had my own incident with michael trappier before the word got out about him and before the list was found and all the flyers and pieces of paper with his name on it. I mean, when I met him, he tore a flyer from Sevananda and wrote his name and number on that so I was just shocked, simply because he had portrayed himself to be somebody he wasn’t. And I was supposed to trust in that but yeah.

My initial reaction to seeing my wife’s initial copy of the list of potential victims and survivors was shock, horror and disgust. I was horrified because these types of behaviors are like my exact reason for never having been involved with cis-het men before. My biggest fear in being involved with any type of romantic and sexual partner since reaching pubescent age has been being fetishized by someone. And so to realize that this person that I thought was my friend. This person that I trusted…just was a serial predator who fetishized potentially 100, not even potentially, fetishized hundreds of queer people, was just like, horrifying for me there’s no other word I can even think of. And then just in having it kind of come together for me in that moment that even the way my name was listed in his phone finally made sense as far as like the fact that even I was put in a category of fetishes is just terrifying and I immediately knew that I needed to seek out more information; because this person who was literally laying next to me the night before, is a very manipulative liar and just a serial predator, just let me know that he was not to be trusted, and given that there were about, 100 names of targets and victims in just that one phone alone I knew that there were probably many, many more. Because the list that my wife initially brought to my attention only went back to, like, the end of 2019, and this person has been working at Sevananda for 11 years. So, I just immediately knew we needed to get more information while we were still in close contact with this person.

Did you ever go back to Sevananda whether to confront your abuser or just to shop and if you did, how did the store employees/rape apologists react?

After all this, I did return to Sevananda. As a customer, I went to get our essential need of water, the Sevananda water. Went there and that was the only purchase I was trying to get and was denied service. Waited in line, one of the employees who I have talked with, been to parties with, hung out with, had conversations with, turned her back on us and walked into the back office where he was hiding and refused us service. So instead of making a funk about it, a stink about it, we just went to the next line and receive service from another employee who actually quit. Today, we were out there protesting because she didn’t like what was happening inside. And she came out and told us like, she doesn’t like how they’re handling this and she with us and standard with us. I just couldn’t believe it after our transaction, I was grateful for this individual, you know, making it a speedy transaction we get out of the store. And as we’re walking out, Aja, the owner, now we know the owner, the head honcho, follows us outside and questions as and then threatens to ban us for coming forward. So this is ridiculous. I can’t believe it. I thought this was a safe space. And another fellow employee, Vic, who’s always made me uncomfortable from the day first day I’ve walked in that store, he followed us out and threatened “You two, you two, you two!”, just threatening us and coming towards us. How has he been able to stay at work like you’re his direct boss, and here you are allowing him to follow us at a store threaten us? And it’s just, I can’t believe it. What kind of company is this, what kind of space is this? And that’s how you’re choosing to hand this. We could have talked. Aja, if you wanted to question us, you could have came out and cashed us out. When Heather walked away and back to that office, if you had so many questions, why didn’t you just come ring us up and talk to us then?

I didn’t go back to Sevananda after everything, the allegations—well the truth came out—I actually went to michel trapp’s house myself with two friends and two witnesses. When we got to Mike’s house, I kind of walked up to the car that was in the driveway, which I didn’t know the car belonged to his friend Mitch who’s also an employee of Sevananda, and as soon as I walked up to the car, I heard a gun cock on Mitche’s side so when I heard the gun cock I went immediately to the other side because I assumed it was a trap because that wasn’t his car, and I went to trapp’s side and I confronted him about the message that I had gotten that morning. And then we went inside of his house to talk. Now when we went inside of his house to talk, my friends let me know that his friend Mitch, who was an employee at Sevananda, continuously cocked his gun until we left. And then when I went to talk to Mike, I just wanted some sort of accountability and honesty. So everybody in this situation could get their justice. When I went there he pretty much confirmed that he had lied to everyone, basically, specifically Nick and Denise, he let me know that he had lied to them about who I was, about who was in the hospital that weekend where he did have at least like four or five, six people running in and out of his house, right before we found out that it was this, you know, extreme. He confirmed that he lied to them. And he also confirmed and reassured me that he knew the situation we had in September where he actually removed the condom without my consent during sex, he knew he had done that, and he knew I didn’t give him consent for that and that he knew that was rape. He confirmed that with me. He assured me that he was holding himself accountable for at least that, which still wasn’t enough for me, because you’ve heard multiple people, numerous people. You violated numerous people’s bodies. You’ve lied to them for no fucking reason, manipulated them for consent. So I guess that that was his reason; he wanted to have sexual relations with people who told them there were certain requirements to meet, in order for him to even get that consent and he lied and manipulated that and used it against everyone basically just for sex. So he confirmed everything to me, even threatened me and all the other victims, especially the victims that came out first. He threatened them, he threatened me and he made a lot of violent, violent threats, basically saying, you know, if shit continued, he knows where I live. He has a like jungle in the back of his backyard and he was basically insinuating that he keeps his yard like that because he kills people and puts them in the back or he’s been waiting to bury somebody in his backyard basically. So yeah, when I did confront him, it wasn’t at Sevananda but Sevananda’s employee was there threatening me and my friends and again. They’re witnesses, they’ve been talking about it on their platforms as well. And yeah, so Sevananda absolutely has been enabling this behavior. I met Mike in Sevananda. Again he wrote his number on a flyer from Sevananda. So, I’m just assuming that Sevananda has been enabling and supporting these men and allowing them to do whatever at that store. We have no clue what else he has done before this.

I did visit Sevananda as a customer, for the sake of essential needs, a few days after making them aware of what has been going on in their store at the hands of mike trap and I didn’t want to go to the store that day because it’s like ground zero for this catastrophically traumatizing situation for me. But, unfortunately, I had to because I needed water, and I was basically treated less than human. I was denied service by an employee who I have communicated with before who actually herself exposed mike trapp as a liar, for lying about the condition of a fellow employee for the sake of manipulating and covering up things he had been doing. And so to have someone who themself had knowledge that he is a liar, deny me service because I have brought forth, or brought to the attention of the people who run the store to this abuse was just like a slap in the face. And even after being denied service I still went to another line. I don’t know what else I could have done in that moment cause like I said I neede water. We went to another line and were checked out by someone in that moment who was unintentionally being an ally but even moving forward has quit Sevananda and brought herself forward as an ally to the survivors of mike trapp. She quickly checked us out and in exiting the store once we actually left out of the store, I was followed by the owner; Aja Simons AKA Lorie Simons. She basically targeted and harassed me. She did not specifically ask if I was the person who sent the email but the questions that she asked pretty much implied, she was asking, “Are you the person, alleging that mike trapp is a rapist?” and for that she’d let me know if I was the person bringing forth these allegations then I would be banned from the store. And beyond Aja’s actions, verbal harassment, targeting by way of following me, she allowed another employee by the name of Vic (AKA Tenoa) is somebody who actually displayed anti-black and queerphobic actions towards myself and my wife from our first time walking into the store so seeing this wasn’t a surprise but what was surprising was the owner of the store, Aja the owner of the store, allowed him to follow me, make physical threats towards me, point at me to intend to further target and traumatize me. It was just like surreal to watch that the owner of the store would allow an employee to make physical threats towards customers. All because I stepped forward about being abused by one of their employees.

As Colonized people, our greatest strength is in our ability to unite for a common goal. Would you be interested in reaching out to other survivors to build a truly safe space, especially for those that are houseless, one without pigs, rent, C*VID, or white people?

Yes I’ll be willing to reach out to other survivors, I already have begun that—The Purple Days Movement has stepped in and called folks and left them messages or text messages, and a few survivors have come forward. We have been meeting. We are homeless, so the safe space consists of parks and public spaces to get together right now, but once we can get stable housing, it’s open to any survivors anyone that wants to come and talk and share their story. We’re actually getting together to do a group, for the few that have come forward and anymore, like, I’m here to listen, I’m here to give you a hug. I’m here if you, you know, that’s what Purple Days is for we’re here and we understand our responsibility for people’s lives everywhere. And we want to be that safe space that we thought Sevananda was.

Absolutely. I would be interested. When I got in contact with you can Nick and Six, it immediately felt like, I met my long lost family, and we were able to come together and think of ways to, you know, alert other survivors so we’ve been trying to get in contact with survivors and leaving messages and truly trying to give them a safe space so we can all share our stories, we can all help each other heal through this because this is a very traumatic situation for everyone involved. So yes, I would love to have a space for all of us to be. Right now I’m already you know, my spaces vary. I’d like to think it’s a safe space for queer people who you know, need love, need support, need somewhere comfortable to be and not have to worry about pigs or rent or anything like that. So, yes, I would absolutely love. I hope more survivors reach out. If you are a survivor or a possible victim of michael trappier, please, please, please contact the purple days movement. We are really trying to help survivors get the healing that we all need because we deserve it.

Yes, the Purple Days Movement has been reaching out to survivors and creating safe spaces for survivors to meet up and share stories and just attempt to start the healing process. And I’ve been developing and attempting to organize I guess you could say, a space where we all will be able to come together and physically heal through Yoni steaming and share our stories within that space as well. And as soon as the Purple Days Movement has stable housing, we will absolutely be opening up that space to any other survivors who are in houseless situations or just vulnerable situations in general. There were so many survivors who had their vulnerable situations exploited by this serial rapist. Whether it was, you know, unstable mental conditions whether it was, you know, emotional conditions that are responses to situations in your life like not having access to their children, or not having a safe home environment. There was even one victim who had kidney failure and heart issues that were taken advantage of. Just lots of different vulnerable situations that all of the survivors seem to be in. And so, I myself as a member of the Purple Days movement am definitely doing my part to try to secure one stable place for us to be able to open up to the rest of the survivors to have space just to be and heal from this.

The Black Hammer Organization and survivors have a list of demands to be met so that Sevananda and michael trappier are held accountable:

  1. $1 Million in REPARATIONS
  2. Stable housing for the Purple Days Movement
  3. Dissolution of Sevananda’s board and replacing all members with the survivors as the sole members who will actually push accountability
  4. Mental healthcare for the survivors
  5. A public apology from the Sevananda employees that have allegedly abused the survivors.

These must and will be met. Sevananda, you have been exposed and warned.

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