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Happy Black August Marcus Garvey! Rest in Piss W.E.B. DuBois!

By Chiefs Xolotl and Cheem

Today for Black August, we are going to be looking at the difference between a real African revolutionary and a petty bou sellout. 

These two historical figures have been influential for the liberation of African people around the world. I am referring to Marcus Garvey and W.E.B. Du Bois.

It can be easy to draw similarities from both of these men and think that they are on the same side of the question. 

Both did their work during the early 1900’s and wanted to advance the lives of African people who were just “freed” from slavery in the united snakkkes. Outside of this, Garvey and DuBois’ directions for the poor African masses are very different.

In order to really show these differences, let’s look at a few points and see where each man stood.

Who Will Lead The Revolution?

Just as Black Hammer knows that there is a difference between the poor working class and the petty bou Colonized people, Garvey and DuBois’ ideologies showed who was really for the poor and working class. 

DuBois came from a wealthy background and was lighter than Garvey who he has called “a little, fat black man; ugly, but with intelligent eyes and a big head.”

DuBois founded the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People which wanted Africans to assimilate into the colonial system and complete the colonization process.

What’s worse is that he wanted to work alongside the cave beast colonizer liberals. 

In comparison, Garvey sought true self-determination and created one of the most, if not the most, successful anti-colonial organizations in 1914; the Universal Negro Improvement Association. 

The UNIA had over 2 million followers in amerikkka and 4 million worldwide. It was through the UNIA that Garvey wanted to lead the masses of African people away from the colony and to an independent African nation.

Garvey understood that the colony had nothing but destruction for our people.

Sellouts Being Sellouts

Sellout and bootlicker DuBois made constant attacks on the UNIA and Garvey himself, doing fed work and trying to discredit and slander the organization. 

But Garvey would expose the real bootlicking DuBois in his newspaper, The Negro World, titling one article “W.E.B. Du Bois As A Hater of Dark People” after remarks DuBois made attacking Garvey. 

After Marcus Garvey was attacked by the state for “mail fraud” and convicted, DuBois made one of his most slanderous attacks towards the UNIA but Garvey laid the situation out perfectly. 

“When Du Bois dies he will…be remembered as the man who never had a good word to say for any other leader, but tried to down every one of them.”

Marcus Garvey

He described DuBois as  “purely and simply a white man’s n*gger…a monstrosity.” 

Rest In Power Marcus Garvey

Marcus Garvey did more for the masses of Colonized Africans than DuBois could ever have dreamed of. 

While DuBois led his people into reform and bootlicking, Garvey was able to inspire millions of Africans with the true answer to their problems; self-determination and the right to self-governance.

These ideas are what drive and have shaped Black Hammer’s! As Colonized people, we can’t look for help from our own oppressor in the same way that Garvey recognized that he could not work with the cave beast colonizers.

We salute the struggle Marcus Garvey took on and led, especially against sellouts like DuBois, and continue to fight for self-determination; not liberal reform alongside our own oppressor. 

Rest In Power and Land Back!

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