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Happy Black August Thomas Sankara!

By Chiefs Xolotl & Cheem

Today for Black August, we are introducing the legendary and brilliant Thomas Sankara. His utmost dedication and love for his people is what we here at Black Hammer look at as an inspiration to liberate the masses!

Born on the 21st of December in 1949, Sankara is the reason the country of Burkina Faso has its current name, changing it from  the colonial name given by the filthy french: “Upper Volta.”

The name Burkina Faso means the land of upright people and for good reason as you’ll soon read.

Sankara became president on August 4th, 1983 after a publicly supported coup in Burkina Faso and immediately began making rapid and sweeping changes across the country by creating social and economic programs. 

His policies and programs were focused on anti-imperialism. 

He also rejected “foreign aid”—code words that mean going into debt while selling your nation’s resources, labor and people—that was just a front from Colonizers to gain control of the country. 

Among the many great things accomplished for his people was raising the literacy rate and launching a mass vaccination program against polio, meningitis, and measles. 

In just two short weeks, Sankara’s new government was able to vaccinate about 2.5 million children!

Another move Sankara made to prove to the people his material interests are with the people is selling the luxury cars that were for elected officials that came before him and replacing them with cheaper, economical cars. 

“He who feeds you, controls you”

Thomas Sankara

All of this allowed for African people to thrive without having to rely on “foreign aid.”

Sankara was truly a leader for the people. His charisma and devotion to the African masses gave him the nickname “Africa’s Che Guevara.”

The revolutionary hero and legend was assassinated by a sellout—blaise compaoré—who was a close associate of Sankara’s but you’ll be happy to know he was forced to flee the country during an uprising in 2014. 

Black Hammer is constantly learning from Thomas Sankara’s legacy, as we continue to build for our people just like Sankara did! Join Black Hammer TODAY to continue building for the revolution and continuing the legacy of Thomas Sankara!

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You can also submit your work to us, and as long as it unites with our 4 Principles of Unity, you will see your writing published on all of our platforms.

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