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Washing The Filth Away: Black Hammer’s New Leadership

By Secretary General Tiger, Chiefs Xolotl & Cheem

Black Hammer is entering a new phase in its life as the petty-bourgeois filth who slid in are being exposed among the ranks for the fed work, cowardice and attacks on the Colonized masses they’ve made. 

We are creating a state apparatus for the poor working class Colonized masses. Not no social club for these petty bou b*tches. 

Indigenous farm workers working their plantation (“job”)

It started with Scamielle (danielle) Chambliss and her slave Jean Maximillian who left the org along with the rest of their followers like Abdeus Maleus (“alleged” pedophile) & Sh*tmael (Ishmael) Muhammad.

After the allegations of pedophilia against Abdeus were reported to Defense to investigate, he immediately got defensive and angry. After the outburst, he was expelled from the organization.

It was a gross display of subjectivity that spread to Scamielle and Jean and other petty bou’s.

This is where Ishmael and his savior complex came in. Thinking he could be some sort of hero when instead all he was doing was being an “alleged” pedophile apologist.

Attempting to create disunity and divide the comrades in a moment of weakness, they hijacked our mailerlite and were able to send out a mass email with out-of-context screenshots that were meant to “expose BHO.”

They just copy and pasted what the ku klux kommunists have been saying about the organization. Nothing original or new; “BHO is a cult, Gazi is mean, etc.”

Picture of child crying, chat bubble reads, “Black Hammer Forced me to pass out KN95 masks and dedicate time to work for the people instead of for the plantation”

It was through Ishamel that the sellouts were able to gain access to multiple BHO Twitter accounts, revealing a contradiction within our Defense apparatus and our Minister of Defense at the time. 

But out of all these contradictions came wins. We now have our new Minister of Defense who proved themselves to be the MOD we need during this attack; Minister of Defense Segun. 

MOD Segun

Our Campaigns office was exposed to be an office run by Scamielle’s subjectivity and cliqué mentality. Danielle also implemented charity politics into the office that infected others even outside of her office.

The Campaigns office is now the Ministry of People’s Affairs led by our brilliant Minister Wren who has overcome personal struggles to be where they’re at, proving themselves to be the warrior our people need.

Minister Wren of the Ministry of People’s Affairs

We’ve exposed the Economic Development Office as an office of smoke and mirrors and are now moving to overturn that as Chief Fatih and Chief Rohan are now in charge, ready to overturn whatever contradictions were left behind. 

Our sword, Chief Amalicha, destroyed the enemies and has proven themself to be the Chief of Agitation and Propaganda the Colonized masses need.

Chief Amalicha, Chief of Agitation and Propaganda

And of course, who can forget that we’ve just found our new Secretary General to lead the Colonized masses. A leader that’s honest and true, we introduce to you Secretary General Tiger!

Secretary General Tiger

This purge is exactly what was needed to rid the ranks of whatever weakness and we are now left with an organization of Cadre who are united whole-heartedly with our 4 Principles of Unity, ready to serve and center the people above all else in order to forward the liberation of all Colonized people. 

Land Back!

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You can also submit your work to us, and as long as it unites with our 4 Principles of Unity, you will see your writing published on all of our platforms.

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  1. Amazing article, I am so proud and excited to move forward with our new leadership! I am so thankful that we have washed this filth away so we can continue serving the masses. I thank all of you for protecting our children and fighting for survivors like me.


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