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Kidnappings in Kenya, Al-Shabab & What Needs To Be Done

By Chief Cheem

While Colonized nations deal with the worst symptoms and effects from white power’s system of colonialism, one problem that pops up consistently is the problem of unity. 

Groups like Al-Shabab—a jihadi group similar to al-Qaeda—have been organizing without the support of the masses in Africa, using tactics like kidnappings and physical violence both towards the state and the poor working class Colonized people of Africa. 

They’ve had a history of killing the innocent poor working class Colonized people of Kenya and Somalia.

Victims of a bombing attack in Somalia, caused by Al-Shabab
Victims of a bombing attack in Somalia, caused by Al-Shabab

Though the group is based primarily in Somalia it has branched down to Kenya, one of its neighbor countries. 

Just recently on the 22nd of July, a mother of 7 living in Kenya near the Somalia border had her husband kidnapped by the group at gunpoint.

The group has even kidnapped two Cuban doctors that were sent from Cuba to assist Kenya earlier on in 2019—surgeon Landy Rodriguez and a general medicine specialist, Assesl Herrera who were part of a team of 100 in total.

While the masses of Colonized people in Kenya suffered due to this, the Cuban people have also been hit by this horizontal violence but understand it as a symptom of the system of imperialism and colonialism. 

Cuban doctors sent to help fight the C*VID p*ndemic, July 30, 2020
Cuban doctors sent to help fight the C*VID p*ndemic, July 30, 2020

The same attitude that Cuba has towards the Colonized masses of Kenya, despite knowing the horizontal violence and risk involved in sending their people there, is the same attitude that our revolutionaries in Kenya have towards the Colonized working class people. 

As revolutionaries, we must have unending faith in the Colonized masses to take up their own leadership and be their own rulers, to self-govern. 

This quality is shown beautifully by our comrades on the ground in Kenya who are spreading the revolutionary ideas of Colonized unity and leadership! 

The people of Kenya are being politically educated by our comrades who understand the need for Colonized unity now more than ever, especially with the horizontal violence being forced upon the masses by armed groups like Al-Shabab. 

But they’re not just on the ground connecting with our people and giving them the tools for their own freedom, they will also be having a live panel discussion to broadcast to the world! 

Join us and be part of this historic panel that you can engage with and ask our comrades about the work they’re doing! 

United and recognizing who our true enemy is, the sellout puppets of white power and colonialism, we can accomplish any task. You are either on the side of the people or the oppressor and our comrades are forever swayed to the side of the people.

Land Back!

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