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Why Black Hammer Ran Off With the Hammer City Money

Chief Xolotl

It’s a new day for the Colonized masses and the entire world. As was revealed last night at Black Hammer’s Tuesday Rally by Commander in Chief Gazi Kodzo, there is a NEW way forward in regards to the Hammer City project.

For a little more than a year, Black Hammer has continued fundraising for a city where Colonized people will be liberated from the ills of colonialism. Our people would not have to worry about things like pigs, rent, KKKOVID19, and colonizers.

While the goal was to start with a one big Hammer City, serving as a catalyst for our anti-colonial revolution, Black Hammer will now move forward in building Hammer Cities ALL OVER the world!

This will allow Colonized people all around the world to have a place that can house the homeless, can feed and clothe them, and can protect them from state and horizontal violence.

It is truly a momentous moment. The Colonized masses will have a say into how they want their Hammer City to be built and what it should look like. The colonial state gives no concern into what us Colonized people want our cities to look like and how it should serve them.

Chapters all over the world can solve the current contradictions that are occurring in their area. Gambia can have new homes after a devastating storm ripped their roofs off. Missouri can make great progress on the contaminated water that plagues the community. And our amazing comrades in Kenya can have a place that is safe from persecution from the neocolonial state.

And now with the new direction for Hammer City, the money is being put into the hands of the Colonized masses.

Of course the haters have always said things like, “Gazi ran away with the Hammer City money!” or asked “wHeRe’s tHe MoNeY?” But at our Tuesday Rally, we showed our receipts of where the money is and how much we have. 

Ya'll wanna talk about transparency? Show those receipts
Ya’ll wanna talk about transparency? Show those receipts

Transparency is something that our people have never received from the state or sellouts. This is very apparent in regards to black lives matter, Ajamu Baraka, from black alliance for peace, and neocolonial sellout and community terrorizer Kamau Franklin (AKA Karl Ferdinand).

While the founders of BLM, Patrisse Cullors, Alicia Garcia, and Opal Tometi sit pretty in their mansions worth millions of dollars, the countless families that they’ve exploited for profit receive no real justice and are forgotten after they’re no longer newsworthy.

Ajamu meanwhile tweets at REAL Colonized leadership that organizes everyday from his villa in Colombia. His organization meanwhile has no problem working with colonizer rapist organizations like PSL. 

Karl has promised the community around his house in Atlanta that he and his organization would give solar panels and lessons in coding to them. When we went to talk to the people, they told us they never received such things and described his people as terrorizers that have bought a two million dollar house in the middle of a poor and working class colonized neighborhood where people live off of government aid. Not to mention that Karl also has multiple houses in the united snakkkes worth thousands of dollars. Now who is the real gentrifier?

We showed our receipts. Where are yours?
We showed our receipts. Where are yours?

So to these sellouts, we say follow our lead! We know y’all always love copying what the Vanguard does. So open up your bank accounts and SHOW us how y’all are actually spending the people’s money. Because Black Hammer is actually putting the money into the hands of poor working class Colonized people and building for them. So what exactly do y’all have to hide from the people?

I know Colonized people are tired of sellouts that are only interested in lining their own pockets. But as Black Hammer showed, we will be transparent and share with the masses of Colonized people.

It's time to get free and build WORLDWIDE
It’s time to get free and build WORLDWIDE

If you are excited to help build a Hammer City near you, join us or donate to build dual contending power EVERYWHERE.

Land Back!

Use your writing talents to further the Liberation of all Colonized People by joining Black Hammer Times today! We are looking for journalists, reporters, poets, and more, so do not worry; there is a spot on our team for you.

You can also submit your work to us, and as long as it unites with our 4 Principles of Unity, you will see your writing published on all of our platforms.

We are also looking for donations to solve the water crisis in amerikkka which continues to take the lives of innocents to this day. Donate to our Science and Technology Committee CashApp at $BHOSCITECH so that we can provide clean water to Colonized communities worldwide!

Call to action to donate to Black Hammer
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